Yamaha I455 Indian Music Keyboard, Dual Voice – Drums and grand piano?

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Which Yamaha keyboard is best for Indian music?


The PSR-I500 is the ideal keyboard for Indian music lovers. It comes equipped with a vast collection of onboard Indian instruments (Voices) and auto accompaniment functions (Styles) covering a broad spectrum of Indian music genres from every corner of the country.

When was Yamaha PSR i455 launched?

Additional Information

Best Sellers Rank #22,133 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #379 in Portable Keyboards
Date First Available
Manufacturer Yamaha
Generic Name Portable Keyboards

How do I use my Yamaha PSR i455?

You can import style and song using a usb.

Can I add sounds to my Yamaha keyboard?


There’s no better way than to add new sounds and arrangements to your keyboard. Yamaha Voice & Style Expansion Packs and Premium Packs and Voices literally place the sounds and genres of music from around the world at your fingertips — and best of all, they’re free!

Which Yamaha keyboard is best for beginners India?

Best Keyboard for Beginners in India – May, 2022

Rank Product
1 Yamaha PSR-E463 61-Key Portable Keyboard (Black)
2 Mexa Yamaha Keyboard PSR-I500 Digital Portable Touch Sensitive 61-Keys Keyboard With Gig Bag;…
3 Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard
4 Casio CT-X870IN 61-Key Portable Keyboard (Black)

Which model of Yamaha keyboard is best?

These are the best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos right now:

  • Yamaha CLP-735.
  • Yamaha CP88.
  • Yamaha YDP-103.
  • Yamaha P-125.
  • Yamaha YDP-165.
  • Yamaha DGX-670.
  • Yamaha NP-12.

Is Yamaha PSR I455 a MIDI keyboard?

Yes, you can. It has a USB out which you can use to connect it to your computer and use it as a MIDI controller as well…..

What does PSR stand for Yamaha?

PSR Yamaha Abbreviation

1 PSR Keyboard, Style, Technology
0 PSR Style, Music, Technology

Which keyboard is better Yamaha or Roland?

One very desirable feature that the Roland does have over the Yamaha in this case, however, is the upright build. However, overall, the Yamaha is a better option as this piano is a ideal for intermediate or advanced pianists, and can go with the student from his or her intermediate period into the advanced stage.

How do I download voice on my Yamaha keyboard?

Voice & Style Expansion Pack Instrument Installation

  1. Insert USB thumb drive to the USB to device port (This may be on the back of your keyboard)
  2. Begin the installation process by pressing the FUNCTION BUTTON at the bottom right corner of the display.

How do I download styles to my Yamaha keyboard?

You can download songs and styles just like any other file on your computer to download first click on the download link for your order.

How do I put Styles on my Yamaha keyboard?

Line for minor chords press any black note below the first note you played. And the same concept extends to additional court types including seventh and minor seventh.

What is style in Yamaha keyboard?

Style Files allow you to play your Yamaha keyboard along with complete backing tracks that you control! These files can be used for playing hit songs in a variety of musical genres, for creating original new music, or for refining your improvisational skills.

What are different keyboard types?

The various types of computer keyboards typically used by computer users for different purposes are a qwerty keyboard, a gaming keyboard, a virtual keyboard and a multimedia keyboard.

What is Yamaha MusicSoft?

what is Musicsoft? Yamaha MusicSoft is the ultimate online destination for songs, MIDI files, sheet music and more to customize your instrument and unleash its full potential.

What is PianoSoft Yamaha?

PianoSoft Audio is all-digital recording format that features stereo audio ensembles synchronized to piano performances. Unlike albums and traditional CDs, you can buy single songs of your favorites. You can buy them from the Yamaha MusicSoft website or directly through the ENSPIRE Controller App.

How do you use MusicSoft?

We selected the file then we can go to transfer. We drag the files. Go to the folder. And drop the program showed me that the file is exist.