Why is the recorder a good instrument to start with?

Asked by: Shawn Locke

Recorders are cheap. They are not easily breakable. They are light and don’t require a specialized embouchure, making them usable as a starter instrument for other wind instruments. They come in a few different sizes, so ensemble/choir music can be played without teaching new instruments.

Is recorder a good beginner instrument?

The recorder is particularly suitable as an instrument for beginners. For anyone who would like to learn how to read music and make their first acquaintance with music making, it is a good idea to start with the recorder.

Why should I play the recorder?

15 It helps develop our memory

When students learn finger positions of the different notes on the recorder, they need to remember those notes to play melodies. Once students have mastered learning finger positions and have them committed to memory, then students learn to memorize pieces of music to play.

What is the point of a recorder?

Historically, recorders were used to play vocal music and parts written for other instruments, or for a general instrument. As a result, it was frequently the performers’ responsibility to read parts not specifically intended for the instrument and to choose appropriate instruments.

Is a recorder easy to play?

Compared to other instruments, the recorder is relatively easy to play, making it a great first instrument for kids or novice musicians. They come in many different colors and sizes to fit you. Recorders are a good stepping stone to harder blowing instruments that are held vertically, such as oboe or clarinet.

What is best instrument to learn first?

The Best Instruments for Beginners

  • Piano and Keyboard. Pianos and keyboards are part of their own category and a favorite for beginner musicians because they are easy to start playing right away. …
  • Ukulele. A ukulele is a great first instrument, especially as a string instrument. …
  • Guitar. …
  • Violin. …
  • Cello. …
  • Recorder. …
  • Flute. …
  • Saxophone.

Is a recorder a good instrument?

Child-proof instruments are a rarity. Recorders are pretty well bombproof. They can easily be twisted to accomodate left-handers. It’s quite easy to play each note in tune and the tone , whilst not over-pleasing, is acceptable, unlike, say, the violin in the hands of a beginner.

Why should kids learn recorder?

Why is the recorder the first instrument used to teach kids how to play music? DePriest: The fact that it’s a simple, direct melody instrument makes it the perfect instrument for young learners. It’s possible, with good teaching, to get a good sound out of the recorder quite quickly.

What age should you start learning the recorder?

Seven is a good age to start learning an instrument properly. DD’s teacher always recommends the Aulos school recorder and recorder for beginners as first book.

Why is the recorder so annoying?

So why the bad reputation? One reason is that many school music teachers aren’t trained recorder players. They can play some notes, but they might lack proper technique. Like any instrument, the intricacy of fingering, breath pressure and tonguing to perfect intonation and sound quality needs to be learnt.

Should I learn the recorder?

Learning to play the recorder is not just beneficial to those who want to learn how to flute later in life. It also instills important skills that apply in other spheres of life. For instance, children are able to develop their motor and coordination skills. Moreover, it helps to develop cognitive skills.

Why is the recorder so easy?

It is, basically, a whistle, and changing the path of the air by covering up holes in the body of the recorder changes the notes. That makes for an easy instrument to play but also a strange one. Because there’s no modulation of the player’s breath, it requires a lot of concentration to keep the tone steady.

Is the recorder a real instrument?

For most of us, a plastic recorder was the first musical instrument we encountered back in elementary school, and for that reason it’s something we tend to think of as a childhood toy. However, the recorder is actually a serious instrument, with a rich history that goes back to ancient times.

What do you call a person who plays the recorder?

A recorder player is called a recorder player. They would not be called a recordist, since that would refer to someone who does sound recording.

Can recorder sound good?

But if you pretend like you're doing it it'll set up your tongue. And your teeth in the right position. So that you get a really good sound. The third thing you want to think about is your posture.

Why was the recorder invented?

In the 1600s, the people who made recorders tried new ways to make them sound better. They also wanted them to play more difficult music. Recorders from this time are called Baroque recorders.

How many notes can recorder play?

The range of a recorder is about two octaves. A skilled player can extend this and can typically play chromatically over two octaves and a fifth.

What is the oldest instrument?

The discovery pushes back humanity’s musical roots. A vulture-bone flute discovered in a European cave is likely the world’s oldest recognizable musical instrument and pushes back humanity’s musical roots, a new study says.