Why does this tune sound “Bluesy” and yet doesnt belong to the blues scale?

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What scale is used in the blues?

What is the blues scale? A blues scale is a six note scale based on the major or minor pentatonic with added chromatic “blue” notes. The blue notes are ♯ 4/♭5 in the minor blues scale and ♭3 in the major blues scale.

Is the blues scale chromatic?

The blues scale is like a minor pentatonic scale with an additional chromatic passing tone: do–me–fa–fi–sol–te (^1−♭^3−^4−♯^4−^5−♭^7) ( 1 ^ − ♭ 3 ^ − 4 ^ − ♯ 4 ^ − 5 ^ − ♭ 7 ^ ) .

Why is the blues scale used in blues music?

The blues scale is a six-note progression that sounds right at home in blues, rock, and country music. This scale is essentially the pentatonic scale plus one chromatic note, often called the blue note. This extra step gives the blues scale that unmistakably bluesy sound.

What notes make up the blues scale?

The major blues scale is 1, 2,♭3, 3, 5, 6 and the minor is 1, ♭3, 4, ♭5, 5, ♭7. The latter is the same as the hexatonic scale described above.

How do I make my guitar sound bluesy?

Chord move so you can skip all the way to the last four bars of a 12 bar blues progression. And the five chord would be e I'm gonna play an e7 here and then a d7 is the four chord and r1.

What is a blues scale quizlet?

What is a Blues scale? The Blues scale consists of 6 different notes. It is 5 notes of the minor pentatonic scale, plus one additional note.

How do you find the blues scale?

So minor third whole step half step half step another minor third and then a whole step to cap it. Off. So let's try it in another key we're going to try it in the key of d. Minor.

How do I learn the blues scale?

So this is called the E minor pentatonic scale. I like it because every open string is in the scale.

How do you write the blues scale?

The blues scale is made from the 1st, flattened 3rd, 4th, flattened 5th, 5th and flattened 7th notes from the major scale above. The 2nd and 6th notes of the major scale are not used. To flatten a note, just replace it with the piano key lower in pitch ie.

What makes a blues guitar a blues guitar?

The traditional 12-bar blues progression involves a fixed 3-chord progression, a fixed 5-6 note scale, and similar rhythmic patterns. These simple elements serve as the foundation of countless iconic blues guitar songs.

Is Fender Telecaster good for blues?

The Fender Telecaster

Telecasters are very bright and twangy, making them great guitars for intricate and technical licks, complex picking and country influenced Blues playing.

How do you make blues tones?

What do I use for blues tone. It's all subjective we all know that but I think there are some things that a lot of blues tones all have in common and that's that they're based off of OverDrive's. And

What is the blues scale on guitar?

The blues scale is esentially a minor pentatonic scale with an added flat fifth. The blues scale formula is 1, b3, 4, b5, 5, b7. The easiest way to remember this scale is to think of it as the minor pentatonic and simply learn where the added notes are within the normal five minor pentatonic positions.

How do I get the best blues tone on my amp?

Getting a good blues sound generally involves using lower gain, clean amplifiers with a lot of mids and treble. Then add some effects that include overdrive and distortion pedals, reverb, and tremolo. You may also experiment with various pickup positions to achieve different tones.

How do you dial a blues tone?

And number two is my toggle switch. Okay now the volume. If you notice if i turn it all the way up and i'm gonna play some blues licks. Right.

How can I make my blues tones crunchy?

So you only need to turn the volume. Up just a hair and then with the basic key cues I like to just go right in the middle. And then adjust once I start playing and the style I'm playing for instance.

What settings should my amp be on?

Getting a Good Clean Tone

  • Select your clean channel or turn the gain down if you don’t have multiple channels. …
  • Turn off all amp effects and effect pedals. …
  • Bring the bass, mid & treble knobs all to 12 o’clock. …
  • Keep the gain fairly low and adjust the volume to a suitable level. …
  • Jam for a while to get a feel for the tone.