Why do unofficial Stratocaster clones have a differently shaped headstock?

Asked by: Christine Smith

The answer is, as Steve said, because Fender considers the visual design of their instruments to be their intellectual property.

Why are Fender Headstocks shaped that way?

The Stratocaster’s headstock was enlarged and slightly re-shaped. “The rationale was simple,” noted author Richard Smith in Fender: The Sound Heard ‘Round the World. “The new design allowed a bigger decal.” A bigger headstock had more room for a bigger Fender-logo decal.

Does headstock shape affect tone?

In terms of sound, the shape of the headstock will have very little impact.

Is the Stratocaster body shape copyrighted?

Most body shapes other than the LP and Strat aren’t trademarked or, if they are, they’ve not been defended in court. Intellectual property that’s not defended falls into the public domain.

When did Fender switch to the big headstock?

The so called “big headstock”, which appeared on the Stratocaster in December 1965, was one of the more evident changes of the new CBS management. In general, Stratocaster headstock gradually became even thicker, with substantial differences in 1963, 1967 and in 1971.

Why are pre CBS Fender better?

The reason pre-CBS Fenders are considered to be better is that at the time Fender was just starting and they took a very hands-on approach to the building of their guitars. The CBS period brought about a decline in the quality of the brand, despite the existence of great guitars from the era.

Does Fender PLEK their guitars?

Does it allows you to take a guitar with its strings on and it analyzes it looks for humps in the neck twists in the neck. And issues then you remove the strings.

Do guitar headstock designs matter?

The tone and Sustain in regards to the headstock are effected mostly by its size, mass, material and rigidity. The shape or style are not important. Stronger or longer sustain will benefit from hard wood with stiff construction regardless of design or angle.

What difference does a reverse headstock make?

A reverse headstock makes treble strings feel a bit looser and easier to bend and the bass strings tighter. This changes the feel of bends, making them quicker.

Does a reverse headstock affect tone?

There is no difference in reversing a headstock as far as tension and tone. They just look cool and most reversed headstock guitars have a locking tremolo, which negates any activity beyond the nut.

How can you tell a fake Stratocaster?

Model has the serial number on the neck plate we'll look at that in a few minutes what's interesting about the serial number on the fake. One is that is actually a legitimate serial.

Who owns the first Stratocaster?

George Gruhn

It was for sure built in 1954, making it one of the first Stratocasters, but in fact the first Strat ever built is printed with the serial 0100 and is currently owned by George Gruhn, vintage guitar aficionado and owner of Gruhn’s Guitars in Nashville.

What is a CBS Strat neck?

CBS Strat® style replacement neck features a reversed headstock, compound radius, and maple fingerboard fitted with 22 medium frets. If installing vintage tuners; you may be required to install 10 mm adapter bushings. This Strat® style neck is made in Indonesia with quality tone woods.

Is Fender still owned by CBS?

CBS owned Fender for a total of 19 years, leading to the unofficial designation of Fender guitars built during that time as “CBS-era” instruments. Guitarists and collectors have long debated the merits of the instruments built during this era.

When did CBS take over Fender guitars?

5 January 1965

Fender was eventually sold to a subsidiary of Columbia Broadcasting Systems (CBS) called Columbia Records Distribution Corp for $13 million on 5 January 1965. And so began the infamous ‘CBS era’ of the brand.