Why do thicker guitar picks result in a darker tone color?

Asked by: Tammi Williams

Thicker picks, in and of themselves, do not produce a darker sound. What happens is that thicker picks allow for a more rounded shape which releases a string smoothly, which has the effect of exciting fewer harmonics.

How does pick thickness affect tone?

Guitar picks affect tone by changing the way the string vibrates. A stiff and thick pick has a strong attack on the string, which produces more bass and midrange in tone. A thin and flexible pick produces more high end and less bass. The pick material also changes the tone in subtle ways.

How does guitar pick thickness affect sound?

Generally, thinner picks will give a, well, thinner sound with more treble and less bass. Chords have more shimmer and a kinda “Flappy” sound when using a thinner pick. Thinner picks also have a bit more snap and clarity as well. Thicker picks, on the other hand, produce a rounder, fuller sound with more bass.

What do thicker guitar picks do?

Thick guitar picks will provide mellower/darker tones. The common rounded edges that can be manufactured with thicknesses over 1 mm – combined with their rigidity – increase the bass tones and the volume these guitar picks can provide, while reducing the pick noise the pick produces.

Does guitar pick thickness make difference?

Thickness. A heavier pick will generally produce a darker sound than a lighter pick. The thickness of guitar picks are generally measured in millimeters (mm) and normally range from 0.38mm (thin) to 1.5mm (thick). However, some guitar picks can measure up to 3.0mm in thickness.

Are thicker picks louder?

Beyond the rigidity of the pick, there’s also its thickness. Again, the thicker the pick the louder you can play, and it’s easier to play softly with a thin pick.

What thickness of guitar picks is best?

Light guitar picks with less than 0,6 mm are considered beginners’ guitar picks. The reason for this, is that most beginner guitar players first learn strumming techniques, which can usually be played better with thinner plectrums. However, medium guitar picks with 0,75 mm thickness are the best place to start.

Should I use thin or thick picks?

Thin picks are faster for strumming entire chords. Thick picks have a rounder and more focused tone. Thin picks have a snappier and airier tone. Additionally, a thin pick is easier to hold; a thick pick will fight its way away from your grip if you’re a hard picker.

What pick did Jimi Hendrix use?

Marshall Super 100 JTM45/100
This seems to be the pick that Jimi used most of the time. Looking through the photos, one can usually notice that he holds a red/black pick in his hand. This is probably Fender’s (more likely) or possibly Manny’s Music (probably used just on occasion), 351 shape celluloid pick.

What pick did Kurt Cobain use?

Dunlop Tortex Standard

The guitar picks he used the most frequently were Dunlop Tortex Standard . 60mm picks, in orange.

What type of Les Paul does slash play?

Gibson ES-335
Gibson released quite a few models for Slash, and he plays most of them, but prefers the AFD Les Paul, which is the replica of the replica used on the recording of Guns N’ Roses’ first album. Nearly all of the Les Pauls he currently plays feature Alnico Pro II pickups.

How do you sound like Nirvana?

The Quick Answer. To get Nirvana’s tone with your amplifier, have the treble and mids fairly high (around 7-8) and the bass on around 5 to begin with. The distortion should be quite high for the chorus (usually between 8-10), unless you’re using a pedal.

Did Kurt Cobain use grunge pedal?

The pedal was used during Nirvana’s show at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California, on December 29, 1993, during which Cobain threw the pedal offstage and joked, “Excuse me, that was my grunge pedal”. You can view the incident at around 28:56 in the video below.

Who owns Kurt Cobain’s guitar?

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay already has an impressive collection of music memorabilia, and it just got stronger this weekend. Irsay had the winning bid on a guitar that was previously owned by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The guitar was featured in the music video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Did Kurt Cobain know chords?

In this video Kurt clearly states that his knowledge of music theory is very limited. He didn’t even know the names of the chords so I assume he also didn’t know every sound on the fretboard or even the scales.