Why are guitar fret boards wider at the 12 fret than at the nut?

Asked by: Jesse Natarajan

Are 12 string guitar necks wider?

Classical guitars have the widest nut of any six-string acoustic guitar. They tend to come in at 2 inches wide. Even 12-string guitar nuts are shorter than classical guitars. 12-string nuts tend to be about 1.87 inches in width.

Why do the spaces between frets grow narrower down the neck?

The spaces between frets on the neck grow narrower the closer to the body they are. Why is this? Each time you move one fret away from the body, the pitch increases by a semitone.

How wide should fret slots be?

Most fret profiles have a standard 0.020″ tang width. For installation, it is typically recommended that it is installed into a 0.023″ fret slot. Other tang sizes will require different slot sizes.

Why does nut width matter on a guitar?

A wider nut offers more separation between the strings at the headstock end of the neck, while a narrower nut means the strings are closer together.

Why are some guitar necks wider?

Classical guitar necks are considerably wider because they need to accommodate classical finger picking. A narrower spacing facilitates chordal playing and string bending.

What is the best nut width for guitar?

What is the most common nut width for guitars?

  • 43 millimeters or 1 11/16 inches. The most common nut width is best known thanks to the electric guitar and especially the world-famous Stratocaster from Fender. …
  • 49 millimeters or 1 15/16 inches.

Why are frets not evenly spaced?

Musical pitches increase in frequency exponentially. All octaves are exactly half the distance on the fretboard of the next lowest octave. Naturally, the higher up the neck we go, the shorter the fret spacing.

Why are guitar frets different sizes?

The Length of a fret is determined by it’s position on the fretboard. Since most/all necks get wider as you work your way up the frets, the 1st fret is considerably shorter than the 20th fret. For example a typical Tele will have 1.650″ nut width while the Butt Width (the width of the neck after the last fret) is 2.2″.

Are electric guitar frets closer than acoustic?

Acoustic guitars have fewer frets than electric guitars because upper fret access is less accessible due to the body of the guitar being larger.

Is a wider nut width easier to play?

Some Playing Styles Are Best on a Wide Nut

For example, both finger-picking and plucking are made easier by the wider spacing, helping the player to master this style more efficiently.

Does nut width affect string spacing?

Some folks find that a more narrow nut. And more narrow string spacing is more comfortable for flat picking.

Which guitars have the widest nut?

Which guitar has the widest nut? The Cordoba C10 and C12 are both at 2.04″ nut width, which is the widest we’ve ever seen. However, it’s likely there are other six-string classical guitars out there with a a similar measurement, perhaps even slightly wider.

Which guitar is best for fat fingers?

9 Best Wide Neck Electric Guitar for Fat Fingers Reviewed in Detail

  • Ibanez GAX30. …
  • Epiphone Les Paul Special. …
  • PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar. …
  • Gretsch Streamliner. …
  • Epiphone SG Special. …
  • Ibanez RGA42FM. …
  • Ibanez Artcore AS73. …
  • Squire Classic Vibe Jazzmaster. This is an affordable version of the iconic Fender Jazzmaster.

What is the nut width on a Gibson Les Paul?

The width of the nut on the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited is approximately 1.695″, the traditional nut width of Gibson electric guitars.

Are my fingers too fat to play guitar?

If you practice angle in your fingers. More you may find a guitar that didn't work at first or at least when you put your fingers down touch your strings. You could get it to where it.

How do I stop my fingers from muting while stringing?

For those of you that are new I wouldn't suggest that. But if you're going if you just dead set on having your thumb up here try curling that knuckle as much as possible.

How do I stop fat fingering on guitar?

To avoid this, the thumb of your fretting hand should rest in the middle of the back of the neck, with the top part of your palm facing the fretboard of the guitar. Your fingers should be poised in a slightly curled position above the strings.