Where can I find a new water key (spit valve) for an Olds Ambassador trombone?

Asked by: Diana Fonoti

How much does trombone spit valve cost?

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This item Bach Trombone Water Key Spit Valve Cork Rubber Gasket Seal Pad – Set of 2 Bach Trumpet Water Key Spit Valve Cork Pad Set of 10 (9 mm*4 mm)
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How do you fix a spit valve?

So the first thing you want to do is get the two parts of the spring and tension it make sure to hold it. And now it's ready to be slid in place. And the screw reinstalled.

How do you replace a water key?

So what you do is you compress it like that rotate it and compress it a few times so string the diameter a little bit so that it will fit inside of the cup. And then it will expand a little bit.

What is a spit valve called?

A water key is a valve or tap used to allow the drainage of accumulated fluid from wind instruments. It is otherwise known as a water valve or spit valve.

What do you call a person who plays the trombone?

A person who plays the trombone is called a trombonist or trombone player.

How do I change the water key on my trombone?

Take some oil and put it on the hinge rod. And then put that off to the side you want the hinder on to be ready when you're ready to put it in so you keep it right off to the side.

How do you replace a spring water key?

And it's kind of a tricky little part i'm gonna place. This water key grab my pen. Go ahead and slide and snap it on in there. We have a brand new water key cork grab my wire cutters.

How do you clean the spit valve on a trombone?

That actually goes into the instrument needs to have some grease on it and I'm just use some slide cream. Usually it comes in a little tub.

How much does trombone cleaning cost?

Lacquered Trombones (Brass Color)

Service Estimate of Price
Chem Flush Cleaning $85.00
Slide Alignment or Reconditioning $75.00
Water Key Corks $21.00
Water Key $35.00

How do you get a dent out of a trombone?

These are two other tools i will be using a lot today this is my rawhide mallet and you can see that it has been used a lot.

Do dents in trombone affect sound?

We get asked time and time again, whether the dents in an instrument will affect its sound or tone. While of course dents takes away from the cosmetic value of the instrument, the answer to brass instruments is generally no, but that does depend on the size of the dent and on the position of the dent.

How much does it cost to fix dents on trombone?

Trombone Repair Services

Restring all Rotors Repair Single Rotor (incl. restring) Pull Slide Repair Slide Lock Solder work (ea. point) $30.00 +$20.00 each additional item
Remove Minor Accessible Dents $50.00
All Other Dent Work $75.00/hr

Can you pull dents with a magnet?

Magnets can be a great way to remove dents from malleable materials, like brass instruments. You put a steel ball on one side of the surface, a magnet on the other side, and as you move the magnet back and forth over the surface, the steel ball pushes out the dent as it attracts to the magnet.

How do you fix a dent in a brass instrument?

Here's the tool and the flexible part goes around the bell ball. And it can get dents from here all the way up to here the dents I'm going to remove are the ones at the end of the Bell bow.

How do you fix a dent in brass?

Or removing knuckle dents usually you will use the middle one. And you take it and put it on the tool start with the lead pipe mandrel. And get all the dents you can with this tool.