What’s the difference between faders and compressοrs?

Asked by: Christy Salas

A fader is a slider or knob that the audio engineer moves to change the volume. A compressor is an active device that listens to a signal and makes changes to the volume without the audio engineer’s intervention.

What do faders on a sound board do?

The fader (present in small mixers as a level or volume knob) is used to set the volume of that channel’s signal in the mix. It is the most basic component in any channel strip. Faders are essentially volume sliders, set in a logarithmic scale of dB (if you don’t know what that means, ignore it).

What are faders in mixing?

Sound Mixers: Channel Faders

Each channel has it’s own fader (slider) to adjust the volume of the channel’s signal before it is sent to the next stage (subgroup or master mix).

What does a fader do in a DAW?

Faders control the level of audio passing through the output of a channel. Most faders have a detented resting position about 2/3rds up its path. This is usually called 0 or “Unity” (sometimes signified by a “U”).

Should reverb be pre or post fader?

If you tend to make significant volume rides on the Auxes (subgroups) for each instrument family, then the reverb send(s) should be on the Aux, and they should be post-fader.

When to use pre or post fader sends?

You may want to use a post fader send this way if I push a vocal a little bit louder as you would in any normal room you're gonna hear a little bit more reverb it's getting pushed.

Why is reverb post fader?

If you turn your vocal. Up the amount of reverb on that vocal is going to go up in proportion along with it because this is happening post fader.

What does pre fader and post fader mean?

Pre-fader sends. The audio channel signal is sent to the FX channel before the audio channel volume fader. Post-fader sends. The audio channel signal is sent to the FX channel after the audio channel volume fader.

What are pre fader sends used for?

Pre-fader aux sends are generally used for the monitor mix, because the channel faders don’t affect the signals sent from the aux sends.

Is pre fader post EQ?

That means that all of these first things are initiated plus the gate. Moving on to our post eq that means that everything before pre-eq is initiated plus now our eq. Moving on to pre-fader.

How do you use pre fader listen?

So remember that trim and gain are essentially the same thing. Then we have this pre fade listen button if you are on six track or six channel mode. Then you go to the left.

What does pre fader M mean?

If you want to NOT have audio pass to the P-16 when you have a channel muted in the house, select ‘PreFader+M’ which will enable the direct output to be muted when the channel is muted.