What to have in mind when traveling by plane with my guitar?

Asked by: Solomon Bollwitt

8 Answers

  • Call the airline beforehand and explain your situation. …
  • See if the aircraft(s) has a suit closet up front which can stow your guitar. …
  • Bring a written copy of the policy if possible.
  • Be prepared for the gate people to not honor the policy. …
  • Don’t check the guitar unless you are prepared to lose it.

How do I protect my guitar when flying?

A hardshell case will provide the best protection, but a gig bag offers more options when trying to place the guitar in an overhead compartment (or even in the coat closet) since it’s more compact.

Can you fly on a plane with a guitar?

Conclusion. Domestic travel laws require that you be allowed to take your guitar on a plane, provided that it meets all other carry-on restrictions and can fit in an overhead stowage bin or the seat in front of you.

Is it OK to take my guitar on as hand luggage?

can I travel with my musical instrument? If you wish to take your musical instrument onboard the aircraft for storage in the overhead locker, it can be carried as hand baggage, but not in addition to your standard hand-baggage allowance.

What’s the best way to fly with a guitar?

5 Must-Know Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

  1. Check with the Airline Instrument Policy. …
  2. Loosen the Strings. …
  3. Invest In a Guitar Case. …
  4. Consider a Smaller Body Shape for Traveling. …
  5. Book Your Seat in the Front or Rear Depending on Boarding Policy. …
  6. Know the Laws.

Should I lock my guitar case when flying?

While it might seem like a great idea to lock your guitar case for air travel as one more way to keep your guitar safe, you should only do so if your case’s lock is TSA-approved — and most aren’t.

Does a guitar count as a checked bag?

In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the American Federation of Musicians reached an agreement allowing airlines to treat guitars not only as checked baggage but also as carry-on items. Even so, flying with a guitar still poses a number of complications and risks for traveling musicians.

How much does it cost to take a guitar on a plane?

American/Delta/United Domestic checked baggage fees: $30 for first checked bag, $40 for the second, $150 for the third. With air travel, there are fees associated with everything. For traveling musicians who check guitars, there will be extra costs for each and every flight.

Will my guitar fit in the overhead bin?

At about 46 inches (117 cm) long, a standard acoustic guitar case takes up about as much overhead bin space as three regulation-size carry-on suitcases, each about 14 inches (about 36 cm) wide. Nor will a standard hard violin case (32 inches – 81 cm – in length), fit easily alongside suitcases in an overhead bin.

How do you travel with an acoustic guitar?

Even occasionally some with no overhead luggage the good news is i've traveled all over the world with my classical size guitar. Or auditorium acoustic which is about the same size and i've. Never had

How do you transport a guitar?

It’s best to get your hands on heavy paper but soft packing paper will also do the trick. Just make sure it’s unprinted as the ink can easily damage the sensitive finish on the instrument. Bubble wrap. You don’t need much bubble wrap to pack a guitar for a move – a few large sheets should be enough.

Should I loosen my guitar strings when not playing?

Just like a fine Bourbon, the tone of a solid wood guitar should improve over time. In order to let the tone and resonance develop, you shouldn’t loosen the guitar’s strings when you aren’t playing. Tune your instrument, and let it rest.

Should guitar be stored with strings?

Because it does pull the neck. And it keeps it kind of where you want it to be for the next time you string it up and you'll find that you'll have to fight with a set up a whole lot less.

Should I Untune my guitar after playing?

The Short Answer: Keep your guitar tuned up to pitch, especially if you play it regularly. There’s really no reason to detune a guitar that you play regularly and, in fact, it would be pretty inconvenient if you had to completely retune it every time you wanted to pick it up and play.

Should you loosen guitar strings when shipping?

So, in summary, loosening the strings probably isn’t necessary when shipping a guitar. However, if it makes you feel better to loosen them, then only loosen them a little… no more than a half-step or whole-step, at most. What is FAR more important is properly packing the guitar, inside the case and outside.

How do you prepare a guitar for shipping?

Issue of acoustic guitar recommends loosening all the strings a little bit. So loosen them up you know several turns so that they're a bit floppy. But not too floppy.

Is it OK to remove all strings from guitar?

A: The short answer is that the odds of damaging your guitar are very low. However, removing all the strings at once from certain guitars — depending on the bridge setup —can make restringing more difficult or require making adjustments to the instrument.