What sweeping (for bass guitar) techniques are out there?

Asked by: Raquel Rodriguez

How do you sweep on bass?

So if you're not familiar with the term sweep arpeggio. Basically just means playing a big arpeggio. Whether you know our big two ranges fastly. If you do it slow it doesn't really sweep.

What is arpeggio sweeping?

Sweeping is based on a simple mathematical rule that states that the shortest way from one point to another is a straight line. If we apply that to the guitar, the shortest way to go from one string to the other is straight.

How do you practice guitar sweeps?

Out of dead notes mostly a lot of players especially in rock and metal music use this kind of cling as a shortcut to sweet picking. Just so they can say I can sweep too but compared to the fluid.

What are guitar sweeps?

Sweep picking is a guitar playing technique. When sweep picking, the guitarist plays single notes on consecutive strings with a ‘sweeping’ motion of the pick, while using the fretting hand to produce a specific series of notes that are fast and fluid in sound.

How can I improve my sweep picking?

The best way to learn sweep picking is to first isolate the right- and left-hand techniques, master them separately and then coordinate them. Let’s begin with the right hand. Basically, you have to let the pick “fall” from string to string as if you were strumming a chord. Don’t try to separate the pick strokes!

How can I speed up my sweep picking?

As the dissenting just make sure that the fingers on your fretting hand are lightly touching the string above it when you play a note that way the muting will take care of itself as you descend.

How do I start sweep picking?

You want your pick to have a falling motion to get to the next string in the sweet picking pattern. So here's our right hand on the initial string. And it falls to the next string.

Is sweep picking necessary?

Sweeping is pretty useless unless you know your theory and put in a few hundred hours. Even then you could spend your time better. Yes, sweep picking is a great technique. Takes time though im still pretty amateur at it and been practicing for it for well over 6months, just take it slow and make sure its clean.

Is sweep picking hard?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain: sweep picking isn’t easy to learn—but not for the reasons you might think. The truth is, on the surface, sweep picking is no more difficult than any other technique. You’d think it would be as simple as choosing a pattern, grabbing a metronome and putting in the work, right?

Can anyone learn to sweep pick?

(Practicing a lot also helps, but only when you know what to do, understand how to do it and then actually do it.) You too can start sweep picking arpeggios fast & clean, even if you’ve struggled to do so in the past and even if you are just getting started with arpeggios. It’s not as hard as you might think.

How much time does it take to learn sweep picking?

Depends on how serious you are. If you will give it a 1/2 hour a day, growing to an hour, every day as you grow calluses on your fingertips, then in 6 months you will be able to play well enough to share your skill with others. Commit to playing forever – if you learn to do it well, you will never let it go.