What mode/scale is a minor scale with an added flat root note?

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Aeolian Mode It’s the traditional minor key used in classical music, and has a sad, depressing and sometimes angry quality. It’s notes are the same as the Natural Minor Scale, with a flat-3, flat-6 and flat-7.

What mode is the a minor scale?

Aeolian mode

The natural minor scale is the most common minor scale, and the default when a musician refers to “a minor scale” or “minor.” The natural minor scale pattern features the same exact notes as the Aeolian mode in modal music.

What minor scale has a flat?

A-flat minor

A-flat minor is a minor scale based on A♭, consisting of the pitches A♭, B♭, C♭, D♭, E♭, F♭, and G♭.

What is the root of a minor scale?


In an A minor chord, A is the root. In an F sharp seventh chord, F sharp is the root. The root of a scale is the note on which the scale begins.

Do modes work in minor scales?

The harmonic minor and melodic minor scales are not modes of the natural minor scale. A mode is a very specific idea in music where you start building a scale on another note of the scale. For example, A minor consists of the notes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A and it’s built using the scale pattern W-H-W-W-H-W-W .

What modes work in a minor?

Modes of harmonic minor scale

Mode Name of scale Degrees
1 Harmonic minor (or Aeolian ♯7) 2
2 Locrian ♮6 ♭2
3 Ionian ♯5 (or augmented major) 2
4 Ukrainian Dorian scale 2

What is C Dorian mode?

The C Dorian scale consists of seven notes. These can be described as steps on the guitar fingerboard according to the following formula: whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half and whole from the first note to the same in the next octave. The C Dorian is the second mode of the Bb Major Scale.

What are the 3 types of minor scales?

MINOR SCALES: There are 3 forms of minor scales: natural, harmonic and melodic.

What flats are in a flat?

A-flat major (or the key of A-flat) is a major scale based on A♭, with the pitches A♭, B♭, C, D♭, E♭, F, and G.

How many flats are in AB minor scale?

The notes of the A flat natural minor scale are Ab, Bb, Cb, Db, Eb, Fb and Gb. This scale has 7 flats. Let’s take a look at the intervals of the Ab minor scale. Tonic – The 1st note of the A-flat natural minor scale is Ab.

Is Lydian mode major or minor?

The Lydian mode is the 4th mode of the major scale. It’s named after the region of Lydia next to what was Ancient Greece over 3000 years ago. It is very similar to the Ionian mode (the major scale) but has the 4th note of its scale raised by a semitone (half step) giving it a very bright sound.

What is Phrygian mode used for?

In contemporary jazz, the Phrygian mode is used over chords and sonorities built on the mode, such as the sus4(♭9) chord (see Suspended chord), which is sometimes called a Phrygian suspended chord. For example, a soloist might play an E Phrygian over an Esus4(♭9) chord (E–A–B–D–F).

What is Phrygian mode in music?

Phrygian. The Phrygian is the third mode. It is also very similar to the modern natural minor scale. The only difference is in the second note, which is a minor second not a major. The Phrygian dominant is also known as the Spanish gypsy scale, because it resembles the scales found in flamenco music.

What is Locrian mode used for?

Since the Locrian mode is quite tense and unresolved, it is the perfect choice to play over a m7b5 chord. When the underlying chord next changes, the music can be resolved to have a happy ending, sad ending or a mysterious ending, by using the other modes.

What is Lydian mode in music?

The modern Lydian mode is a seven-tone musical scale formed from a rising pattern of pitches comprising three whole tones, a semitone, two more whole tones, and a final semitone.

What does Dorian mode sound like?

Dorian is the second mode of the major scale. It sounds cheeky, partly sad, but in a hopeful way. It’s prominent in blues, rock, jazz, and funk.

What does mixolydian mode sound like?

It's commonly used in rock and jazz and not so commonly used in film scoring. So for you film composers out there check out mixolydian.

What is a minor Dorian scale?

The Dorian scale is a type of minor mode which means that the 3rd note of the scale is lowered by a half step (semitone). It also has a flattened 7th note. 1.