What is the difference between a Bandoneon and an Accordion?

Asked by: Rick Sahputra

Bandoneons are rectangular with buttons at each end, and are normally played resting on one or both knees, unlike accordions which hang on straps from the player’s shoulders.

What is a bandoneon in music?

The bandoneón – or button accordion – is the soul of tango. It can sound as heavenly as a church organ and as mundane as a police siren. It’s often a substitute for strings, percussion and even vocals.

What instrument is the bandoneon similar to?


Other instrument
Developed Germany mid-1800s
Related instruments
Chemnitzer concertina, concertina, harmonica, melodeon, reed organ, yu

What is the difference between concertina and bandoneon?

Invented in 1834 by Carl Friederich Uhlig, the main physical difference of the German Concertina is that it has a square shape. It is related to the bandoneon, being square or slightly rectangular. It was based on a diatonic, with two rows on each side of the instrument. Each additional row is tuned a fifth higher.

What is the difference between a concertina and accordion?

The Accordion is a rectangular-shaped instrument. The Concertina is smaller than the Accordion and in the shape of a hexagon. While the notes on the Concertina are sounded by buttons, the notes on the Accordion are produced by both the keyboard and buttons simultaneously.

How much does a bandoneon cost?

As the instrument has become such a rare commodity, the cost of buying a bandoneon has also grown prohibitive for many young Argentines. A new instrument from Germany, Belgium or Italy costs 7,000 euros (over $10,000).

How many buttons are on a bandoneon?

In modern times, this instrument comes in two button combinations. 64-tone bandoneons have 32 keys (17 on the right and 15 on the left), while 88-tone bandoneons have 44 keys (23 on the right and 21 on the left), with all of the keys producing different sound depending on whether bellows is expanding or contracting.

What’s the hardest instrument to play?

The 7 hardest instruments to learn, play, and master

  1. Oboe. Even if you don’t think you know what an oboe sounds like, you’ve heard it more than you realize. …
  2. Violin. …
  3. French horn. …
  4. Piano. …
  5. Hammond organ. …
  6. Drums. …
  7. Accordion. …
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What is a Cajun accordion called?

A Cajun accordion (in Cajun French: accordéon), also known as a squeezebox, is single-row diatonic button accordion used for playing Cajun music.

What is a smaller version of an accordion?

A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, like the various accordions and the harmonica. It consists of expanding and contracting bellows, with buttons (or keys) usually on both ends, unlike accordion buttons, which are on the front.

What is an Irish accordion called?

What do you call an Irish accordion? The accordion is sometimes nicknamed a squeezebox. In the world of traditional Irish music however, it’s often simply called a box. In the Irish language we call it a ‘bosca ceoil’ [buska key-OLE] which means ‘music box’.

What is an Italian accordion called?


accordion, French accordéon, German Akkordeon or Handharmonika, Italian armonica a manticino, free-reed portable musical instrument, consisting of a treble casing with external piano-style keys or buttons and a bass casing (usually with buttons) attached to opposite sides of a hand-operated bellows.