What is the definition of ‘playing in the pocket’?

Asked by: Juan Ayers

In The Jazz Theory Book, Mark Levine defines playing in the pocket simply as grooving, where the rhythm section is locked in and working as a unit. in the pocket When the music is rhythmically in a groove. groove The “lock” between members of a rhythm section playing well together.

What does in the pocket of mean?

Definition of in the pocket of (someone)

disapproving. : under someone’s control or influence researchers/scientists who are in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies.

What does it mean to play in the pocket bass?

The pocket is the specific place in time when you should pick a note. As the name implies, the pocket has a certain “size” or should we say timeframe. When you play “in the pocket” it means that you are hitting the notes at just the perfect time to groove well with the drums and the rest of the band.

What is playing guitar in the pocket?

So, what exactly does it mean to play in the pocket? In the most basic terms, it means getting locked into the groove of the song you’re playing. Synchronicity between the drums and your bass guitar is key; once you both are in tune with each other, there can be room for experimentation.

What does in the pocket mean when drumming?

Historically speaking, the term pocket originated in the middle of the previous century, when a strong backbeat (the snare drum striking on beats 2 and 4) became predominant in popular music. When the backbeat is slightly delayed creating a laid–back, or relaxed, feel, the drummer is playing in the pocket.

What does keeping it in the pocket mean?

to be certain to win or succeed at something: Last year’s winners again have the championship firmly in their pocket. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What does staying in the pocket mean football?

This rule states that if a quarterback stands within the area of an established pocket, he’s not allowed to throw a pass that doesn’t have a realistic shot of being caught. This prevents the quarterback from simply throwing the ball out of bounds to avoid being sacked, for example, as long as he’s in this pocket.

How do you practice playing in the pocket?

And learning how to lock in and focus and really groove along with the backbeat. So as a musician and a guitar player. And the bass and everybody kind of zeroes in on those backbeat.

What does singing in the pocket mean?

Definition of “In the Pocket”: When two or more people play musical instruments together, with or without a vocal accompaniment and are perfectly on-beat, never missing a note or going off tempo in any way.

How do you play drums in the pocket?

And three you're going to play your foot which is the bass drum. So one two three four one two three four on your hand you're gonna do every two and four you're gonna do snare hits.

What does tight pocket mean?

1 reticent, secretive, or taciturn. 2 with the lips pressed tightly together, as through anger.

What does acting out of pocket mean?

An out-of-pocket expense is something you have to pay yourself. Being out of pocket means being unavailable or unreachable. Out-of-pocket behavior is doing or saying something inappropriate.

What’s another word for out of pocket?

What is another word for out of pocket?

beggared destitute
pauperized necessitous
beggarly needful
dirt-poor threadbare
down-and-out famished

What happens when you meet your out of pocket?

An out-of-pocket maximum is a cap, or limit, on the amount of money you have to pay for covered health care services in a plan year. If you meet that limit, your health plan will pay 100% of all covered health care costs for the rest of the plan year. Some health insurance plans call this an out-of-pocket limit.