What is the correct way to use your left hand on a fretless bass guitar?

Asked by: Kelli Chika

The correct way to play a fretless bass is to play by ear rather than by eye. So just tune the empty strings and then place your fingers in such a way that is sounds good.

How do people play fretless basses?

Another way is to play a bit like we did earlier with the open strings but with no open strings now just play some intervals. So a fifth is a really good one Jaco played loads of fifths.

Is it hard to play a fretless bass?

The biggest misconception about playing a fretless bass guitar is that the instrument is substantially more difficult to play than a regular bass guitar. The truth of it is that fretless bass guitars are not harder to play than regular bass guitars, but they do require more effort and more focussed skill.

How high should the action be on a fretless bass?

By setting the 12th position a tad below the dot, most of the neck works pretty much at the dots. As for string height, a very low string tends to choke out the fretless “mwah” sound. A high string doesn’t have much at all. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find a height that gives you the fretless tone you like.

How do you turn on the bass on a fretless?

Me. So I removed the frets using the soldering iron technique just to melt down any possible glue that can be underneath the frets.

Where do you put your fingers on a fretless bass?

This is very similar to the proper technique on a fretted bass; you place the finger just behind the fret, which allows for buzz-free notes without bending the string sharp due to overpressure. As such, it’s a good place to start when learning fretless bass.

What is the benefit of a fretless bass?

Well, with a fretless bass, you essentially have more freedom to move around the fingerboard. You can smoothly slide in between notes, which is considered as their main advantage over fretted basses and is key to their expressive, distinctive voice.

Can you slap on a fretless bass?

A fretless bass can be slapped just like a bass with frets. However, the lack of frets produces a warmer sound that is atypical for slapping. With the right technique, a slap plate, and EQ, a fretless bass can produce a great slap sound, but it will still sound dissimilar to a bass with frets.