What is different in double basses without a full body?

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A few things are different such as the extended endpin so the bass can be played at normal height. Also, the tailpiece is smaller and fits to the endpin at right-angles to accommodate the shorter body.

What makes the double bass unique?

While most stringed instruments are relatively manageable to hold, the double bass is quite a bit larger. It’s the largest bowed/plucked instrument in an orchestral line-up, meaning there are no bigger instruments that require a bow or finger plucking to play.

Are there different types of double bass?

There are three general categories of basses: laminated, hybrid, and carved (sometimes called fully-carved). Laminated double basses are made of plywood and are usually the least expensive.

What is the difference between a double bass and a contrabass?

double bass, also called contrabass, string bass, bass, bass viol, bass fiddle, or bull fiddle, French contrebasse, German Kontrabass, stringed musical instrument, the lowest-pitched member of the violin family, sounding an octave lower than the cello.

What are the different parts of the double bass?

The Different Parts Of A Double Bass: Anatomy And Structure…

  • The Top, Back and Ribs.
  • F-holes.
  • The Bridge.
  • Purfling.
  • Soundpost.
  • Tailpiece.
  • The Endpin (Spike)

Why are double basses so big?

To accommodate the additional fifth string, the fingerboard is usually slightly widened, and the top slightly thicker, to handle the increased tension. Most five-string basses are therefore larger in size than a standard four-string bass. Some five-stringed instruments are converted four-string instruments.

Is double bass hard to play?

The double bass is a tough master – demanding strength, stamina and proper technique from its player. As the root of the orchestra, musical and rhythmic accuracy are imperative to the success of the whole – requiring plenty of practice and repetition.

Why are upright basses so expensive?

Leo Fender never redesigned them for the production line, so upright basses are still made the skilled, old and expensive way.

How tall should you be to play double bass?

Double Bass Size Guide and bow options

Height Double Bass size Age
3’6″-4′ 1/8 5-7
4′-4’6″ 1/4 7-9
4’6″-5′ 1/2 9-13
5’+ 3/4 13+/Average Size Adult

What size double bass should I get?

The standard size for adults is a ¾ double bass. A large double bass such as a ⅞ or 4/4 is very rare and not commonly used unless the person is very tall, 6.5′ + in height or they have unusually large hands. A general rule for children is to choose a bass one size smaller than usual violin size for age.

Why is it called double bass?

The origin of the name of the double bass stems from the fact that its initial function was to double the bass line of large ensembles. 3. This hefty instrument has several nicknames including contrabass, string bass, bass, bass viol, bass fiddle, or bull fiddle.

What is on the bottom of a double bass?

However, some basses are still made with one because they are a “tradition” and some players prefer them. The block of wood, usually ebony or a stained hardwood, located at the bottom of the bass top. The tailgut (see below) runs over this block to the endpin assembly.

How loud is a double bass?


Instrument Left ear (dBA) Right ear (dBA)
Maximum Maximum
Viola 98.6 90.2
Cello 87.1 89.5
Double bass 86.1 88.1

What is the deepest sounding instrument?


The contrabassoon is a very deep-sounding woodwind instrument that plays in the same sub-bass register as the tuba, double bass, or contrabass clarinet.

What is the lowest note a double bass can play?

Pitch range
The lowest note of a double bass is an E1 (on standard four-string basses) at 41.20 Hz or a B0 (when 5 strings are used) at 30.87 hertz, and the highest notes are almost down at the bridge. In many double bass concertos harmonic tones are used.

What is the deepest sounding string instrument?

The double bass is the biggest and lowest pitched instrument in the string family. The deep, very low sounds of the double bass are often used to help hold together the harmonies and to help carry the rhythm. There are 6-8 double basses in an orchestra.

What instrument has least bass?


The octobass owned by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is apparently the lowest working one, with a range reportedly extending more than an octave below that of the double bass.

What is the lowest bass instrument?

the octobass

Have you ever heard of classical music’s lowest (and rarest) string instrument? It’s called the octobass (a.k.a. octobasse) and was built in 1850 by French instrument maker Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. It is tuned two octaves below a cello and stands a 12-feet tall.