What is a violin electric bass?

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A violin bass is just a hollow body electric bass guitar with a violin shaped body. The sound apparently sounds like a double bass with the Hofner model but otherwise its an electric bass guitar.

What is a violin bass used for?

The sound of a Violin Bass is unlike any other bass. When used with flatwound strings it produces a distinctive deep and penetrating thud not unlike an upright double bass. This sound can be used to emulate those pop sounds of the 1960s or slightly overdriven in a modern rock band to provide a deep driving bass.

Is a bass a bass violin?

Bass violin is the modern term for various 16th- and 17th-century bass instruments of the violin (i.e. viola da braccio) family. They were the direct ancestor of the modern cello. Bass violins were usually somewhat larger than the modern cello, but tuned to the same nominal pitches or sometimes one step lower.

What is a bass violin called?

A bass violin, also known as a violone, is a large, stringed instrument played with a bow. This instrument was the predecessor of the modern-day cello. Instrument makers designed bass violins as part of the larger viola da braccio family.

Why did paul McCartney use a violin bass?

McCartney was drawn to the Höfner because he felt that its symmetrical shape would mean that playing it left-handed would not look as awkward as using a cutaway guitar designed for a right-handed player: Following the popularity of the Violin Bass created by McCartney, Höfner began producing a similar alternative in

Do violin Basses sound different?

the only difference to anormal bass is the shape. The shape may result in a slightly different tone from the bass, but otherwise it is just a normal bass with a violin shaped body.

What is big violin called?

A violin is a “little viola”, a violone is a “big viola” or a bass violin, and a violoncello (often abbreviated cello) is a “small violone” (or literally, a “small big viola”).

Can you play metal on a violin bass?

You COULD play metal with a violin bass, just like you COULD do surgery with a pocket knife.

What strings did Paul McCartney use?

Paul McCartney uses Ernie ball 2223 Nickel Super Slinky Electric Guitar strings Gauge 09 -042 for guitar. On Bass he uses Hofner H1133 B Bass nickel flat-wound strings in gauge 045, 055, 075, 095. as well as Roto-sound strings including RS88 Black Nylon bass strings gauge of 065, 075, 100, 115.

Is a Hofner violin bass good for beginners?

The Ignition Series is part of the German brand’s shelves, albeit they are built-in China with lower-quality materials and following lower-quality specs. Still, it packs the same super retro looks and deserves a spot in any best budget basses list. It’s also a great bass for beginners.

What does a Hofner bass sound like?

Sound. If lament is fun decor the structure of this instrument. With all these very light parts in the hollow body means it's not capable of making a long very extended resonance sound like.

How heavy is a Hofner violin bass?

Product information

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What is an ignition bass?

In contrast to the Contemporary series, the Ignition basses have a hollow body. In addition to the classic control panel with Tea Cup knobs, they are equipped with a wooden bridge and trapeze tailpiece and carry the traditional Höfner logo on the body.

How do you play bass on the violin?

And quietened made quieter and the way these work is bass. And treble on. When they're on the tin it turns off the other pickup. So both these switches are on.

What bass does Tame Impala use?

He also sometimes uses a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster with a Roland GK-3 synth pickup, which belongs to Tame Impala keyboardist Jay Watson. Parker tunes his guitars a whole step down from standard: DGCFAD. Parker’s Hofner bass was also a primary tool when making Currents. Parker’s pedals are divided between three boards.