What is a green cue point in Traktor?

Asked by: Lisa Knight

How do you use cues in Traktor?

You know find the spot that you like. And then click on one of the hot cue points. And you'll see that I have now created my second hot cue I can also add cue points while I'm playing a track.

How do you set a cue point in Traktor?

Find that first beat. That's where I want my cue point and if you see here there's a button here for cue. Which I can click.

How do you get rid of cues in Traktor?

You can press the Hotcue icon (Flag icon) to exit Hotcue Create / Delete mode.

How do you delete a loop in Traktor?


To store an active loop, press any unlit pad. In case you ever want to delete your loop, just press SHIFT and the pad. You can now retrigger your loops by hitting the green pads.

What is a cue point?

Cue Points mark different parts of your song, and help you locate the parts that you want to play. They are like little flags that say “Here’s an interesting part at 30 seconds, and another one at 1 minute.” Most DJ software supports up to 8 cue points per track, but you have to set them manually.

How do you set cue points like a pro?

So the first track the first thing you want to do is get a cue point on the first. Main beat of the song okay. So if I go right to the beginning this song. We can see here is the first beat.

What are cues in DJing?

To cue audio is to determine the desired initial playback point in a piece of recorded music. It is a technique often used in radio broadcasting and DJing. One dictionary definition is to “Set a piece of audio or video equipment in readiness to play (a particular part of the recorded material).”

How do you mix keys in Traktor?

Select all tracks right click and choose analyze async within the analyze pop-up menu choose special then choose to analyze for bpm.

Do I need mixed in key with Traktor?

Native Instruments Traktor. It’s important to make sure that your Mixed In Key results show up in Traktor correctly. It’s not always obvious if you’re seeing Traktor’s built-in results, or the premium Mixed In Key results.

What is flux in Traktor DJ 2?

Flux mode uses a virtual timeline that is represented inside the decks in Traktor. It enables DJs to jump to cue points, loops and hot cues without losing the phrasing of your tracks.

How do you set loops in Traktor?

Button the same thing goes if you want to activate the loop again you can either activate it by hitting the active button as long as the interval is selected or hit the loop interval.

How do you delete songs on Traktor DJ?

So I'm going to right click on the track. And then select this option delete from collection.

How do I set cue points automatically?

We're going to set cue points in the following. Places at the start of the track in the middle of the intro. And then right as the vocals.

How do you cue?

And when you walk in on the line in the shot walking on a straight. Line up to the line of the shot. Now when you get right up to the cue ball like this with your kick.

How do you cue a song?

I could press play pause hit the cue point and play pause to start it again so I don't you don't always have to do it manually you can just use the button.

Where should I set my cue points?

Out because it's really stressful and nearly impossible to remember that with every piece of music that you play.

What are examples of cues?

The definition of a cue is a signal to a person to do something. An example of cue is a word in a play telling an actor when to come on stage. An example of cue is a girlfriend hinting to her boyfriend that she’d like to get married.