What is a good string height for a mountain dulcimer?

Asked by: Eddy Duncan

Once the strings are installed, check their height above the frets to make sure they will be easy to play. The ideal string height would be about 1/16″ above the first fret (nearest the PEGHEAD) and 1/8″ above the 17th fret (nearest the strum hollow).

How high should the action be on a dulcimer?

A dulcimer’s ease of playing rests critically on the height of the strings above the frets or its “action.” Basically, one wants the strings high enough so no string will buzz on any fret. Beyond that criterion, tastes vary. Some people like a firm feel when they fret–a little “push-back” feeling from the strings.

How often should you change dulcimer strings?

It all depends on how much you play, how much your hands sweat, and how exposed to nature your strings are. Some people “kill” a set of strings in a couple of weeks. I change mine every 3-4 months, depending on how much I’m playing. I recommend changing strings on all fretted instruments at least once a year.

How far apart are dulcimer strings?

On a typical dulcimer string gauges range between about 0.026 in. and 0.010 in. in diameter, although gauges outside this range may be employed to facilitate special tunings or extended range playing styles.

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What gauge strings does a dulcimer use?

These ball end strings come in a set of four with the following gauges: . 011, . 011, . 013, .

How do you adjust the action on a mountain dulcimer?

Okay so i want to go through that with you it's not a hard process and you don't need to be afraid of it. Okay. Um again with the nut you can do the same thing with the nut.

How wide is a dulcimer?

Average dimensions are 35″ in length, 8″ in width, and 2 1/4″ in depth (top to back, not including the fingerboard). Unless otherwise specified, I set up my dulcimers for D-A-D’ tuning.

How do you string a mountain dulcimer?

Very simple it already comes with a loop in the end of it. And that loop just goes over the nail. In the tailpiece. That's that you're just slipping that loop on the nail.

Do old strings affect intonation?

Old strings affect intonation because they often wander off the proper tone. There is not much you can do about it by adjusting the string length, because as soon as you have the initial note right, the tired old string will wander off while swinging out, making everything you play sound sick.

How do you play a 4 string dulcimer?

Basically. If you have a four string dulcimer you probably have a doubled string right here. And best way to get started is to take your right hand rest it on the side of the dulcimer.

What strings does a mountain dulcimer use?

Appalachian dulcimers are strung with metal wire strings; wound strings may be used for the lower pitched courses. These strings are very similar to those used on banjos and guitars, and before manufacturers provided special “dulcimer sets”, banjo strings were frequently used.

Can you play a dulcimer like a guitar?

This is the g29. Model this is a smaller one this one's tuned g d g again root five octave. But you'll notice now that this is diatonically fretted which means it's only in one.

How many strings does a mountain dulcimer have?

The dulcimer is essentially a 3-stringed instrument. Its strings are generally tuned to at most 3 different pitches. Some builders and many music stores sell models with 4 strings. Usually the 4th string doubles the melody string, so you still play and tune as if there were only 3 strings.

What is the best tuning for a dulcimer?

There are many ways you can tune a dulcimer, but currently the most common tunings are DAD, DAA, or DGD. DAD is the most common but it is often easier for the beginning player to tune to DAA or the so-called “Reverse Ionian” tuning, (DGD).

What kind of dulcimer does Cyndi Lauper play?

Appalachian Dulcimer

The Appalachian dulcimer is a fretted string instrument of the zither family, typically with three or four strings, originally played in the Appalachian region of the United States.

What are the 4 strings on a dulcimer?

A four-string dulcimer has one bass string, one middle string, and two melody strings. A five-string dulcimer has two bass strings, one middle string, and two melody strings. When there is a set of strings (two bass strings or two melody strings), all strings in that set should be tuned in the same manner.

How do you play mountain dulcimer chords?

And tune the ad you're in the key of d. So the one four five are d chord g chord and a chord. And then the two three and six that are minor are the e minor f sharp minor. And b minor.

How many frets does a mountain dulcimer have?

All charts show the exact locations (to the thousandth of an inch) for the nut, bridge, and thirty-six frets (21 whole-number frets, plus the “half-number” frets). Each dulcimer fret position is identified three ways: 1) inches to previous fret; 2) inches to nut; 3) inches to bridge.