What exactly is a double stroke roll?

Asked by: Rick Haswood

A major element of rudimentary drumming is the double stroke roll. Basically what they are is two strokes on each hand, the second louder than the first, progressively made faster until you are making a roll (it will sound almost like a machine gun).

How do you count a double stroke roll?

So you can create a roll just like. This all right let's practice this at a nice slow tempo of 60 beats per minute here we.

What is a stroke roll?

So you're going to play it one time with your right hand lead then you're going to play the next time with your left hand lead looks like this.

What is a triple stroke roll?

The triple stroke roll is a powerful drum rudiment for playing a wide variety of musical styles. It is somewhat similar to the double stroke roll, but uses groups of three notes per hand instead of just two. This makes it more popular within Jazz, Latin, and other styles of music that are “triplet” based.

What is single stroke and double stroke?

A double stroke takes two strokes of the film advance lever to advance one frame while the single stroke takes one.

What is a 7 stroke roll?

The seven stroke roll is a straight forward drum rudiment that uses both single and double strokes. It starts out with three alternating double strokes, and ends with a single stroke. Due to the simplicity of this drum pattern, it is usable in a wide range of playing situations.

What is a 5 stroke roll?

The five stroke roll is a powerful rudiment based off the double stroke roll. Unlike the single, double, and triple stroke rolls, this rudiment doesn’t have alternating groups of five strokes per hand. Instead, it’s made up of two double strokes followed by a single.

Why are double strokes important?

Practice double stroke rolls every single day. This rudiment is the foundation for many of the other rudiments. It’s used in every style of drumming so it’s well worth the time. Practicing double strokes just 10 minutes every day will result in tremendous improvement over several weeks time.

How do you speed up a double stroke roll?

You're just playing a puzzle at that point again. So a quick recap you stop slow wrist movement for each stroke.

How do you roll a 9 stroke?

The nine stroke roll as you may have guessed this roll consists of nine strokes. Very similar to the seven stroke roll only this time we're adding in two more strokes. So it's going to be.

What is a 17 stroke roll?

The seventeen stroke roll is the last pattern of the drum roll family of drum rudiments. It combines eight sets of double strokes with one single stroke. The single stroke can be played at the end of the pattern, like on the sheet music below, or at the beginning.

How do you play a 17 stroke roll?

So this rudiment is 17 strokes. Long eight groups of doubles followed by a single. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17.

How do you play a six stroke roll?

It's a short roll consisting of six strokes. Starting with the single. Then you play a double with your left hand a double with your right hand and then you end with a single with your left.

How do you play a 5 stroke roll?

It's exactly that five notes two right two left one right or vice versa two left two right one left one two three four. Five.

How do you count a 13 stroke roll?

Counting a thirteen stroke roll played as 16th notes, like the one on the sheet music below, would sound like so: 1 e and ah 2 e and ah 3 e and ah 4. If the thirteen stroke roll was played as 32nd notes, then you’d have two notes per 16th note. Thus, the counting would be like so: 1 e and ah 2 e and.