What does to (bar number) mean?

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A bar over a number means that the number is being repeated indefinitely after a decimal point.

What is a bar in math?

A bar (also called an overbar) is a horizontal line written above a mathematical symbol to give it some special meaning. If the bar is placed over a single symbol, as in (voiced ” -bar”), it is sometimes called a macron.

What does a bar over a variable mean?

Bar. For a variable x, “ˉx” is pronounced “x bar”. In probability and statistics, the bar may be used to denote the sample mean of a random variable. In many branches of math, the bar may be used to denote the closure (however it is defined) of a substructure of a mathematical structure.

What is the bar over a number called?

A vinculum (from Latin vinculum ‘fetter, chain, tie’) is a horizontal line used in mathematical notation for various purposes. It may be placed as an overline (or underline) over (or under) a mathematical expression to indicate that the expression is to be considered grouped together.

How do you write a bar over a number?

Step #2: Place the bar

Press the Alt key on your keyboard and hold it down while entering the ASCII code (see table) in the numerical keypad. In our example, that means that while the Alt key is pressed down, you would type the numbers 0772. Then release the Alt key.

What is the mean of bar?

1 : a usually slender rigid piece (as of wood or metal) that has a specific use (as for a lever or barrier) 2 : a rectangular solid piece or block of something a bar of soap candy bar. 3 : a counter on which alcoholic drinks are served. 4 : a place of business for the sale of alcoholic drinks.

What does BAR mean in statistics?

The x-bar is the symbol (or expression) used to represent the sample mean, a statistic, and that mean is used to estimate the true population parameter, mu.

What does a bar over a decimal mean?

Now simply put bar notation is a shorter way to write repeating decimals because after all repeating decimals never end so we need a shorter way to write them out let's jump into our examples starting

How do you type a bar?

So when you hold shift and press that button shifting that button you make that bar.

What does bar 3 mean?

In mathematics, the triple bar is sometimes used as a symbol of identity or an equivalence relation (although not the only one; other common choices include ~ and ≈). Particularly, in geometry, it may be used either to show that two figures are congruent or that they are identical.

Why is it called a bar?

7. The term “bar” comes from the counter in which drinks are served. Also called a “saloon”, bars are drinking establishments that sell beer, wine, and spirits to consume in house and sometimes provides entertainment.

Is no bar meaning?

to refuse to accept or have anything to do with something: Karen called her mother and asked her to come and stay, but Mum wouldn’t have a bar of it. She wants reform but voters are not having a bar of it.

What does I got no bars mean?

This phrase is related to someone who cannot get a phone reception because he´s locked into a steel covered room.

What does age bar mean?

1. age limit – regulation establishing the maximum age for doing something or holding some position. ordinance, regulation – an authoritative rule.

What does age no bar mean?

the age of agelessness

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