What do “Uber” and “Plexi” mean in an electric guitar part?

Asked by: Nichole Lynn

Nov 7, 2017 at 14:54. 2. Uber means you should sound exactly like a taxi, while strenuously denying that you are one. Felip Plexi is a Catalan composer noted for his clear, transparent music — similar to Glass but less brittle.

What is plexi guitar?

The Plexi sound is synonymous with incredible volume and crunchy overdrive, as guitarists of the ’60s cranked the volume do achieve more distortion. For me, the quintessential Plexi sound is a JMT45 turned up to 10, as heard from Clapton on the “Beano” album.

What does Plexi amp mean?

The name originates from its shiny, Plexiglas panel, commonly used on Marshall amps between 1965-1969. Although many amps are referred to as ‘Plexi’s’ The 100 Watt Super Lead (model number 1959) is most commonly associated with the name.

What is plexi distortion?

It lets you go from a warm, mild overdrive to a crunchy distortion reminiscent of a heavily cranked plexi. You can twist the Tone knob clockwise for a brighter and brighter sound and crank up the Gain knob for all the distortion you could ever want. The Plexi-M comes with true bypass and has a 100% analog signal path.

How do guitar cabs work?

A guitar cabinet, or cab for short, is essentially a speaker housed in a wooden enclosure used to hook up to your guitar amp to output your guitar’s sound. In the case of combo amps, the amp and speaker will be in the same enclosure, but you’re also able to buy standalone cabs that hook up to amp heads.

What model is a Plexi?

The Plexiglas panel led to the name “Plexi”, and while 50-watt models of the time are also called Plexis, the 1959 100 watt model is generally thought of as the “definitive” Plexi.

What does a Plexi pedal do?

The pedal that started the Plexi trend is still in production and hand-built. It serves up medium-high gain sounds via 2 footswitchable channels and an exta 20dB of clean boost controlled by a knob. There is a single gain knob for the crunch and high-gain channels, and they share tone and output volume controls.

Do guitar cabs matter?

Your amps become your sidekicks, and as long as there’s sound coming out of your guitar cabinets, changing your setup might not feel like a priority. However, as Stringjoy players know, every gear detail matters and your choice of speaker cabinet is no different! Guitar cabs have a significant effect on your sound.

How do you match amp and cab?

Just like the orange most amps will happily power either to 16 ohm cabs or a single 8 ohm loads. And all some amps especially bass amplifiers. You can even drop down to 4 ohms.

What makes a good guitar cab?

As with any music tool, better-quality materials and manufacturing integrity make a better-sounding product. Woods such as birch or pine provide a solid structure and great tone. A speaker cabinet resonates, which becomes part of its sound and solid wood resonates better and more musically than other materials.

Why do guitar amps have open backs?

Open back gives amps with vacuum tubes ventilation and prevents the tubes from heating too much. Open back is also used because of the different sound it provides (more open and room-filling).

Do guitar cabinets need power?

Nope. The head is the preamp and power amp. First you mold your tone, then it puts it out for the speakers.

What are Fender amp cabinets made of?

Many combo enclosures are made from solid wood—particularly vintage Fenders, which were built with solid pine. And since vintage gear is the gauge by which most new gear is measured, replica pine cabinets have grown in popularity over the years.

Are old Fender amps good?

Generally, vintage BP Fender amps are renowned for their smooth breakup, musical compression, prominent mid-scoop, and incredible build quality. The whole “glassy” Fender amp sound was born out of the BP era and many see it as Leo’s finest range of amplifiers.

What is a brown face amp?

The Brownface was a 15W amp with tremolo bias wiggle on-board. Additionally, it was fitted with larger 10-inch speaker and was the first fixed bias Princeton. This design used a cathodyne phase inverter which is circuit that was found in 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and many other amps of day.