What are all those extra controls on the Fender Jazzmaster?

Asked by: Kimberly Rodriguez

In the Fender Jazzmaster, essentially there are two different tone control circuits, the “Lead circuit” and the “Rhythm circuit”, designed to have different tonal characteristics. You can switch between the two, independent of the selection of pickups.

What are all the buttons on a Jazzmaster?

The Ultra Jazzmaster has the following controls:

  • Volume controls for both pickups on the upper horn (these work when the phase/ parallel switch is in the “up” position.
  • 3-way pickup selector (bridge only, neck only, both together)
  • Master volume.
  • Neck tone control.
  • Bridge tone control.

What do the knobs on Jazzmaster do?

As noted, there’s one master volume knob and one master tone knob, both located on the lower bout. The pickup selector switch gives three options: Neck pickup, bridge pickup, or both pickups together. You can activate the lead circuit by setting the upper horn slide switch in the “down” position (toward the neck).

What makes a Jazzmaster Special?

Classic Player Jazzmaster features

New pickups provide fatter tone and more output, and an Adjusto-matic bridge keeps intonation in check. Medium-jumbo frets make bends easier, and a new neck pocket cut provides better pitch and a comfy feel.

What does a Jazzmaster rhythm circuit do?

The rhythm circuit can be most easily understood as putting the ‘jazz’ in ‘Jazzmaster’. The intent behind it was to offer players a pre-set rhythm sound for the darker tones commonly associated with the genre.

What are Jazzmasters good for?

Yes, the Fender Jazzmaster is a great and versatile guitar. Its robust build and excellent sound appeal to various genres ranging from blues, country, jazz, classic rock, fusion, and indie sounds. Furthermore, put some high gain pickups in, and you have a guitar to play metal with.

Are Jazzmaster pickups P90?

Fender Jazzmaster pickups are not P90 pickups. While they look similar at a glance, they are a bit different physically and sonically as well. Jazzmaster pickups have a slightly different internal design, sound brighter, and have a lower output. P90s won’t fit on Jazzmaster routings and vice versa.

How do you play Jazzmaster?

It's like I said we're gonna get started with the neck pickup this is the third position in your toggle. Switch. Very very mellow warm tone great for jazz as the name might suggest.

How do you use the Jazzmaster tremolo?

To get the trem-lock working properly, make sure your strings are tuned, then depress the vibrato arm until you can slide the button all the way back. If you release the arm and the pitch is lower than it should be, you’ll need to loosen the spring tension by turning the screw counterclockwise.

What is the difference between a Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar?

In summary the main differences between the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar come down to the scale length and pickups used. The Fender Jazzmaster usually has a 25.5″ scale neck while the Jaguar has a 24″ scale neck. The Jaguar has three pickup switches at the bottom of the guitar.

Who uses Jazzmaster?

Tom Verlane of Television, Elvis Costello, J Mascis, Kevin Shields, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Steve Drozd, Stephen Malkmus, Thom Yorke, and Nels Cline have all used Jazzmasters throughout their careers of making some of the most influential music of the past forty years.

How many frets does a Jazzmaster have?

The Jaguar also has an extra fret on its neck, packing 22 into its shorter scale, while the Jazzmaster incorporates a more traditional Fender complement of 21. The next big difference lurks in the basic sound. The Jazzmaster has physically much wider pickups than the Jaguar, and the pickup coils have a different shape.

What is a mastery Bridge?

Since its conception in 2008, the multi-patented Offset Mastery Bridge remains the industry leader and most trusted Offset bridge in the hands of touring musicians around the globe. Luthier designed, our original Offset bridge eliminates the buzzing associated with previous saddle designs.

What is an offset bridge?

WHAT IS BRIDGE OFFSET? Bridge offset voltage is result of the difference in volts of the output nodes, Vo+ and Vo-. A voltage output is expected on a wheatstone bridge across the output nodes, but an offset voltage is undesired output that does not change value or polarity if the sensor stimulus varies.

What is an offset guitar?

What is an Offset Guitar? Offset guitars come in many varieties, but what they all have in common is a striking asymmetrical body design, with an exaggerated waist and horns that gives them a characteristic ‘leaning’ appearance that sets them apart from traditional single and double cutaway designs.

How do you remove the jazzmaster thimble?

You can go drill it in and you're in your thimble is just gonna spin. So we need to cut this. Off drop that dowel down inside of the thimble. Then we're gonna drill a little hole inside of. It.

How do I set up mastery Bridge?

Tolerances of the stock. Body inserts. And in most cases fender well there's a bit of variance. The fit between the mastery posts. And these thimbles is crucial to getting the most out of the bridge.