Voicing Freddie Green-style rhythms in jazz arrangement?

Asked by: Gregory Diaz

How do you play Freddie Green style?

The beauty of Freddie Green comping is that the basics can be explained so simply: hold down a chord with the left hand and strike the strings with the right hand on every beat of the tune. The ugly side of Freddie Green comping is that when done badly, the guitar player can single-handedly mess up the rhythm section.

How do you play Freddie Green chords?

Third of the chord. My first finger is going to be the root of the chord. In this case seventh fret on the fourth string my pinky is going to be the fifth of the chord.

Did Freddie Green use a pick?

Freddie Green strummed his four-to-the-bar chords using a standard tortoiseshell plectrum (or pick).

Where are Stromberg guitars made?

Hořovice, Czech Republic

Established in 1905 and still manufactured in Hořovice, Czech Republic. Stromberg guitars are known around the world as premier archtop guitars with a reputation for sound and playability.

Which instrument was preferred in rhythm sections of the swing era?


Term Swing attracted millions of dancers Definition True
Term How many trombones a swing band have Definition 4 trombones
Term How many saxophones did a swing band have Definition 5 saxophones
Term What instruments were in the rhythm section? Definition Rhythm guitar Piano Bass Drum Set

What strings does Jim Hall use?

Jim Hall frequently used 11 gauge strings with a plain G which would have been impossible to intonate with a conventional bridge.