Very difficult to reach truss-rod with provided Allen key?

Asked by: Loys Coffield

Can you use an Allen key to adjust truss rod?

Most modern guitars have an Allen bolt that is adjusted with, you guessed it, an Allen wrench or key. When you’re adjusting the truss rod, make sure the Allen key is seated properly in the truss rod nut; push it all the way in. If you don’t, the nut can be damaged when you try to turn the wrench.

What size Allen wrench do I need for my truss rod?

1/8″ Hex (Allen) Truss Rod Adjustment Wrench.

Is a truss rod an Allen wrench?

Not every truss rod uses an Allen key for adjustment – for example, Taylor guitars need a special Phillips head screwdriver and a 1/4″ nut driver. But if your guitar has the original truss rod, some Squiers take a 3/16″ Allen key.

How do you adjust a truss rod without a tool?

By the way if you don't have a bar and a clamp and a call have a friend hold the guitar body firmly on a table with the neck hanging off the edge. Then you can pull back on the neck.

Can you use a screwdriver on a truss rod?

It’s a brilliant idea that makes it very easy to adjust a truss rod. Simply insert a small metal rod or a miniature screwdriver into one of the exposed holes and rotate the wheel right to tighten or left to loosen.

Why did I get an Allen key with my guitar?

With the headstock facing away from you, turning the Allen key clockwise will tighten the truss rod, reducing the neck relief (straightening the neck) and conversely turning the Alley key anticlockwise will loosen the truss rod, increasing the neck relief (allowing more neck bow).

Can I adjust truss rod myself?

It seems that there is an unspoken rule that truss rod adjustments can only be performed by professionals with years of experience. If this was the case then guitar manufacturers could probably be sued because they are supplying you with a truss rod adjustment tool when you buy a guitar.

Can I adjust my own truss rod?

If you understand what their limitations are and how to adjust truss rods safely, it’s easy to do it yourself. Adjusting the truss rod is fundamental to any guitar maintenance routine but it’s widely believed to be dangerous, and even that necks can be ruined in the process.

How do you lubricate a truss rod?

Lube it up. A little grease or Vaseline works wonders. Don’t go crazy with it but work a little into the threaded hole in the nut and even leave a thin film on the nut’s ‘face’ (where it bears against the neck). Screw it back on and you’ll probably find things much easier to adjust.

How do you loosen a stiff truss rod?

Turn your truss rod adjuster nut clockwise and you will add more pressure onto the neck pulling it into back bow. Turn it anti-clockwise and you will loosen the truss rod allowing the strings to pull the neck into a forward bow. Some forward bow is needed for sure.

How do you fix a stuck truss rod?

And put a lot of pressure on it and start cutting down into the neck. Once I'm in there I'm going to stop. And clean the teeth. You have to do that. Often imagine if this was your own neck.