Using brushes as low-volume drumsticks?

Asked by: Sandra Gomez

Are thinner drumsticks quieter?

The thinner the drumstick, the less force you’ll have, which means lower drum volume. Try a 7A size stick, the Vic Firth AJ5, or the Vic Firth Peter Erskine signature stick – these are all very thin and light. To take your drum volume reduction further, rods are much quieter than drumsticks.

Can drums be played with brushes?

If you get the brush like this and just let the thing flop. Then you can allow the brush to get that sound same thing in the left hand Mel Lewis used his thumb he had a long thumb.

How can I make my drumsticks more grippy?

So my next idea was boiled linseed oil and I've actually never uses before. But most of the time it's used for like handles wooden handles.

Are 5B drumsticks good for beginners?

He likes to use a slightly different size of stick, but for beginner drummers who want to play loud, I highly recommend the 5B, as that’s the classic size of stick for a louder drummer. You can find out more about this drumstick by clicking on the link below, which will take you through to Amazon.

What drum sticks did John Bonham use?

Throughout the 1970s John clung to his Promuco ‘Trees’ and together they created some of the most iconic and celebrated rhythms in rock history. Now, you can own and play these legendary sticks.

Promuco Drumsticks John Bonham Signature.

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Tip Wooden
Stick Type Drum Sticks

How do you play drums with brushes?

With your left hand, place the brush on the left side of the drum then slide it straight across to the right side, then back to the left again. Keep your hand very still while moving your forearm back and forth like a windshield wiper. This will give you a real smooth sound.

Can you use brushes on cymbals?

But if you're playing light you can actually use this ring. Okay that gives you that little attack you need that you're missing by using the wire brushes.

What are the quietest drum sticks?

Because a rim shot is a rim shot no matter what you're hitting it with also the thing that really jumps out at you is that mesh heads are already really quiet.

How do I make my drumsticks less slippery?

So now let's talk about how do you know if you're holding your sticks right how do you know if one of these things is happening. So at this point I'm just gonna do some playing here on the snare.

Why do drummers hold their sticks differently?

The drum set evolved from the marching drum, which the drummer had to carry on a sling over one shoulder. Since the drum tilted down, the most effective way to play it was to hold one stick ‘upside down’.

Why do I keep dropping my drumsticks?

You’re going to have to do some work on your grip! I would suspect you’re not holding your sticks tightly enough. Are you playing matched or traditional grip, and are you always losing the stick from the same hand.

How do you bounce drumsticks?

It's not really gonna work stick here stance at 90 degrees to start with and we drop the stick. Down. Feel the bounce good analogy for this is. If you think of basketball.

How do you hold drum sticks for speed?

Grip with thumb up. Hands. So when your teacher said dude you know don't have your thumbs up right. That's not necessarily true at all you sometimes you want to have your thumbs up because if you're

Where do you hold drumsticks?

Okay the fulcrum of the drumstick is the point at which the stick will receive the most natural rebound.

Why is traditional grip better?

The greatest benefit of traditional grip is that you can vary the angle of attack between the drumstick and whatever surface you’re playing on (therefore changing the sound) in a way that would be entirely impractical in a Germanic style grip and all but impossible in a French style grip.