Using a looper with the 4-cable-method (4CM)?

Asked by: Gerson Storice

The 4 cable method is a way to hook up a pedalboard to an amp in a way that allows you to control which pedals or effects are placed before the pre-amp and which pedals or effects are placed after the pre-amp in the amp’s effects loop. This is achieved using four cables hence the name.

How do you use the four cable method?

The basic 4 Cable Method involves:

  1. Cable 1 (RED) connects your guitar to the pedals before your amp (Group 1)
  2. Cable 2 (GREEN) connects your Group 1 pedals to the amp input.
  3. Cable 3 (BLUE) connects the SEND from your amp’s effects loop to your Group 2 pedals.

Where should the looper be in the pedal chain?

Normally, you’ll want the looper to be able to record and playback any of your sounds. Of course, this means you should place it at the very end of the chain so it can hear and record whatever pedal combinations you use.

How do you use a looper?

With three parts on it that I can practice. Over. Now if I'd like to stop that loop. I'm gonna double tap the looper.

How do you practice guitar with a looper?

Major 7 okay so point your finger on the G 3rd fret on the low E string your ring finger is gonna be the 4th fret on the d-string pinky 4th fret of the g string.

How do you set up a 4 cable?

Two connects the effects end of your multi effects into the input of your amplifier. Cable. Three goes from the amplifiers. Effects end to the effects return of the multi effects unit and cable.

What is Helix 4 cable method?

The four cable method is essentially connecting your amp’s preamplifier to a Helix effects loop, which allows you to access the amp’s preamp via a Send/Return block. You can even move the block throughout the signal path or bypass it completely to use one of the many Helix preamplifier tones.

How do you wire a looper pedal?

Options we'll put it into left mono. So then the loop station will receive our guitar signal. Now this white cable here will be my output. And then you just need to look for the left mono.

How do you attach a looper pedal?

Once the loop begins to play back i then channel switch to the overdrive. Channel found on my blackstep and as we are using the effects loop in this amplifier.

How do you time a looper pedal?

For you so if you have a boss loop station the way you set auto record up is inside of the memory. Settings. Then you want to look for a parameter.

Are loopers good for practice?

Incredible Practice Tool

A looper pedal might be the best guitar teacher you’ve ever had. It’s especially handy when you don’t have someone with you to play a repeating rhythm. Try looping a simple riff and put your fretboard knowledge to the test with a lead melody over the top.

Can you use a looper on an acoustic guitar?

Can you use a loop pedal with an acoustic guitar? A loop pedal can be used with an acoustic guitar. Many loopers have an XLR input for a microphone, so you point the mic at the guitar, plug the mic into the pedal, then plug the pedal into either an amp or an audio interface.

When should I use effects loop on guitar amp?

So, to answer the question, should I use an effects loop? You should use an effects loop if: You use the distortion on your amp if you want your delays and reverbs to be clearer than ever whilst using a distorted amp.

How do you use the effects loop on a guitar amp?

And an overdrive pedal into the input of your amp in the traditional. Way but then use two more cables to connect a delay or reverb pedal to the send and return of your effects loop.

How do you use an effects loop cable?

You already plug it into the input of your amplifier. Then you use your second sets of cables. The first one comes from the sand of the app to your first modulation or delay or reverb pedal.

Does Looper go in effects loop?

You can also put it in between effects depending on what sound you want it to capture. When it’s in your effects loop, you have the flexibility to turn your reverb and modulation effects on/off to affect the overall sound. These days, more and more loopers have stereo potential.

What pedals should go through effects loop?

The most common types of pedals to run into an effects loop are modulation or time based effects. This includes things like chorus, tremolo, delay and reverb. You wouldn’t tend to run boosts or drive based effects into the loop as this can overload the power amp section.

What cable do you use for effects loop?

Use cable three to connect your amplifier’s effects loop send to the multi-FX unit’s return jack. Lastly, your final cable should connect your multi-FX unit’s output to the amplifier’s return.

Where do I put my multi effects pedal in my chain?

Typically, most players will find that compression, boost, and dirt pedals are best suited to being first in the signal chain, or perhaps second, right after a wah or tuner (both pedals that may be easily replaced by a multi-effect, by the way). This is a good place to start, as it produces very dependable results.