Upgrading a guitar from low to high impedance pick ups?

Asked by: Shanon Pochmara

Are guitar pickups high or low impedance?

high impedance

Normal single coil pickups are defined as ‘high impedance‘ devices, meaning they are designed to work with high impedance loads, and only generate in the order of 1 to 1.5 Volts maximum output voltage (with very hard playing).

Are guitar pickups low impedance?

The majority of electric guitars on the market today use high impedance pickups. They are relatively cheap to make and they have a high output that is useful for driving valve amplifier pre-amps into saturation.

What is the impedance of a guitar pickup?

between 6k and 20k ohms

There is not a standard range but most pickups are going to fall somewhere in between 6k and 20k ohms.

What are low impedance pickups?

Generally, a low-impedance pickup uses just one or only a few windings, with a very low resistance. The resulting signal has a high current and low voltage, but due to its low impedance the resonance peak is at way higher frequencies, or even out of the audible spectrum.

Are higher resistance pickups louder?

Smaller wire will have a higher resistance than an equal amount of larger wire. As resistance increases, you soon reach the point where it stops getting louder and it gets DARKER.

Why do guitars need high impedance?

Voltage fluctuations are maximised by having the voltage as high as possible. This is achieved by having a high impedance output on the guitar pick ups (~10,000 / 10k ohm) and an even higher impedance on the guitar amplifier input (1,000,000 / 1M ohm).

Are electric guitars high impedance?

HIGH Impedance, such as most electric guitar and bass pickups and instruments, some (usually lower priced) Microphones (some can be low impedance, check the specs), most effects boxes, most preamps and instrument “processors” (stomp boxes), some of which may have both low and high impedance output jacks.

How can I make my guitar pickups sound better?

I'd rather just take the magnet off put the magnetic pull pieces in and do it that way it just sounds ten times better.

Does pickup resistance matter?

Nope! The design of the pickup and the amount of turns has the greatest effect on the pickup’s output and tone. For instance, the Humbucker might have two coils wired in series with 42 Gauge Wire, and the Telecaster Neck will have one tall, narrow coil with a 43-Gauge Wire.

How do I increase the output of my humbucker?

If you dont want to amplify the single, you can put a separate volume pot on the humbucker and dial it back. To increase punchiness of blade magnet and low-output pickups, I’ve always recommended attaching a powerful bar magnet to the base of the pickup to give it more juice.

Can you modify pickups?

Believe it or not, modifying pickups can be just as much fun as changing them, and it’s a lot cheaper to do. You need to be careful because pickups can be fairly delicate, but we think the rewards are worth the risks.

What is considered high output guitar pickup?

Higher output means that the pickup will push a given amp into overdrive or distortion earlier. As a rule, dual-coil pickups have higher output than single-coil pickups, however these days some pickup manufacturers have specialty single-coil pickups for hard rock and metal with very high outputs.