Trying to figure out what sax, trumpet & french horn scales would be used to jam with a blues backing track in key of xx?

Asked by: Patrick Hernandez

How do I know if my sax is a trumpet?

Trumpet has three keys. Saxophone has a single reed. Trumpet doesn’t have reeds since it is a brass instrument. Saxophones are used in classical music, jazz ensembles, marching bands, and military bands.

Is the trumpet easier than the sax?

Whether it’s trumpet or saxophone, they’re both pretty easy to start with as beginners, but they get more difficult in different ways. Trumpet takes more muscular development, but the saxophone will end up with trickier advanced and modern techniques. Both are great starter instruments.

Do saxophones and trumpets sound the same?

In short, the trumpet makes their sound by buzzing their lips, and saxophones blow over a wooden reed which makes the sound of the saxophone.

Is trumpet in the same key as tenor sax?

The tenor sax sounds an octave lower than written. While it’s in the same key as Bb trumpet, if you were to play trumpet music on the tenor, it would sound an octave lower than a trumpet.

Why are saxophones better than trumpets?

Embouchure and Tone

In some aspects the trumpet requires more conditioning, and the saxophone in others. Short-term the saxophone is probably easier for most. Trumpet is definitely more painful and disrupts the embouchure more. However, it’s by no means comfortable for saxophone players either.

Can you play both trumpet and saxophone?

I’ve played both, though not at the same time, and they seem pretty compatible to me. I’ve never heard that one embouchure might harm the other, though you don’t hear of many musicians playing both sax and trumpet.

What is the easiest brass instrument to learn?

Trombone – the infinite

A typical instrument from the brass section is the trombone. It is generally said to be the easiest instrument of the brass family.

Can you play a saxophone with a trumpet mouthpiece?


Is learning trumpet hard?

Trumpets are not an easy instrument to learn initially and are one of the difficult instruments to learn, but with lots of time and practice, they can be mastered. For beginners, trumpets might not seem intimidating at first. But the story is quite different once they start to play it for extended periods of time.

Does playing trumpet damage your lips?

Tissue damage can occur if the mouthpiece is forced against the lips too hard or if one plays too long or with too much pressure without rest. More serious lip damage can occur from overuse without warming up, as in Hubbard’s case.

What kind of trumpet should I buy for a beginner?

The Best Trumpet for Beginners

  • Thomann TR 200 Bb.
  • Bach 351 1-1/2C.
  • Jupiter JTR 700.
  • Yamaha SB-7X-2.
  • Kühnl & Hoyer Sella G Bb-Trumpet.
  • Thomann TR 5 Bb-Taschentrompete.
  • Thomann TR 500 L Bb.
  • Yamaha YTR 2330.