Traktor audio 6 recognizes only one deck when pluging into my mac pro, what should i do?

Asked by: Nes Tracey

How do I connect my deck to Traktor?

Connect your turntables or CD players to the IN connectors of the audio interface. Run the Setup Wizard by clicking on the Setup Wizard button in the lower left corner of the TRAKTOR Preferences. In the DECK LAYOUT SELECTION, choose 2 Track Decks (Scratch).

How do I connect Traktor to audio interface?

Directly into the computer using the computer sound card on your Mac go to applications utilities audio MIDI setup click. The plus sign create in aggregate device.

How do I connect an external mixer to Traktor Pro?


  1. Connect Traktor Audio 2 MKII with your computer using a standard USB cable.
  2. Connect your speakers to the Master Output of your analog mixer.
  3. Connect your Headphones to the Headphones Output of your analog mixer.

How do you set up a Traktor sound card?

Sound card click on the drop down menu next to audio device and then select your second card for me it'll be the audio 8 DJ. Now that I have my sound card selected.

What are stem decks?

Stems is a completely new way to DJ. Stems is a new format for music that redefines creative live performance. Create spontaneous edits, a cappellas, instrumentals, and more with your tracks’ musical elements available independently. Unlock the door to innovative mixing with Stems – and discover an all new way to play.

What is a Remix Deck?

A Remix Deck is a variation on the regular track deck within Traktor Pro 2. Instead of just having one piece of audio (like when you load a song on a track deck), Remix Decks let you load a variety of samples, loops, and even entire songs into separate cells, letting you trigger each one of them individually.


Open TRAKTOR and select the ASIO4ALL (ASIO) driver under Audio Device in Preferences > Audio Setup. Once the driver has been selected, the ASIO4ALL icon will appear on the Desktop’s toobar. Click on it to open the settings. The ASIO4ALL control panel will list all audio devices currently connected to your system.

Can TRAKTOR connect to Bluetooth speakers?

If running TRAKTOR for audio playback only (e.g. Playlists in Cruise Mode), TRAKTOR users can still connect wirelessly with Bluetooth speakers / headphones. This is practical only when real-time control of the TRAKTOR software such as pre-listening, or track cueing with a TRAKTOR controller is not required.

How do you use headphones on TRAKTOR?

Works exactly the same as if you were using a hardware mixer to use the cue function all you need to do is have one of the line faders on your channels down and then press the headphone.

How do I connect Traktor Scratch?

Choose the cable marked mixer line in these two RCA jacks white and red have to connect to the corresponding white and red line imports of channel 1 on your mixer.

What is Traktor timecode?

The timecode decoder analyzes the frequency of the incoming signal and uses the difference between the original and the incoming frequency to calculate the current speed. Traktor can then match the playback speed of the deck to the playback speed of the timecode medium.

How do you use Traktor Scratch?

So you're ready to play a tune to do this you can either right-click on a track and click analyze. Load into a deck which means you'll analyze automatically. Or if you're doing a batch analyze.

Is Serato or TRAKTOR better?

With Serato, your access to manage beat grids is more advanced. But Traktor is more accurate for modern dance genres like Techno and House. This also makes it a better choice for DJs that use beat Sync to mix and perform. It is worth noting that track analysis uses an algorithm and sometimes the software gets it wrong.

Can I use TRAKTOR without a controller?

Can I use Traktor without a controller? Yes, you can use it without a controller. It’s also among the best software that you can use without a turntable.

What’s the difference between a DJ mixer and a controller?

Essentially, A DJ Controller is a device that is both a turntable and a mixer, which also connects to DJ software, allowing for mixing music without requiring any other hardware besides the computer. A DJ Mixer is only a mixer, which requires turntables or CDJs to plug into each channel so you can mix music.