The skinny on neck constructions. Is it all about tone?

Asked by: Jason Chancellor

Which is better set neck or bolt on?

Generally speaking, bolt-on necks are thought of as cheaper and easier to manufacture and repair. On the other hand, set neck guitars are thought to have oodles more sustain and take much longer to build because of the waiting time for the glue to set in the dovetail between neck and body.

Are all guitar necks the same?

The size of a guitar neck can vary widely between different brands and models. There can be a massive difference in scale length, which is the overall length of a guitar neck. The width of a guitar neck and the radius can also vary.

What is the best wood to use for a guitar neck?

Mahogany is the most common wood used for building necks for acoustic guitars. It is strong, dense but light and easy to carve. Voila!

Are neck through guitars good?

Now there's a couple major advantages to a neck through guitar the first is that a glued wood joint is actually stronger than the fibers of the wood. Themselves in other words the glue joint that is

Should I glue my bolt-on neck?

You want to strip away any lacquer. That's on the glue gluing surface area you want to glue wood to wood not wood to lacquer.

What is wrong with bolt-on neck guitar?

Poor Sustain: the typical view of bolt-on necks is that they have poor sustain. The typical argument is that a Les Paul has better sustain than a Stratocaster. Because the neck is only held by screws instead of glue, less vibration transfers to the guitar body, so bolt-on necks produce less sustain.

Are Thinner guitar necks easier to play?

Thinner neck guitars can be easier to play for some guitarists, which is based on their preferred playing style, hands’ size, subjective feel, and experience. So, some players will find the thin guitar necks easier for playing and practicing, while others will say the thick ones are the best ones.

What is the most comfortable guitar neck shape?

oval c-shape guitar

The oval c-shape guitar neck is a comfortable shape for all playing styles unless you have large hands. In fact, the c-shape is the most common type of guitar neck shape. It’s nearly flat and highly comfortable to play.

Do Les Pauls have thick necks?

The Les Paul Standard 50s has a thicker neck profile than the 60s. Most people have a preference of what kind of neck they prefer – if you don’t, I’d suggest coming down and trying them both out.

Who invented the bolt-on guitar neck?

Leo Fender released the bolt-on neck in the 1950s on a model known as the Broadcaster electric guitar. Other builders were producing set neck guitars as standard practice. The mass production of guitars had commenced, and Fender was able to make them very quickly with this new design.

Which is better humbucker or single coil?

Single-coil pickups tend to have brighter, crisper tone. Comparitively, humbuckers typically have what guitarists describe as a “thicker” sound; one that is perceived as rounder and warmer. Humbuckers also tend to emphasize the sustain produced by the guitar’s tonewoods.

What wood is best for guitar body?

Mahogany, mainly used in the acoustic world, for back and sides. It is the most commonly used hardwood because it’s relatively economical, durable, attractive, easy to work with and resonant. Mahogany became popular in guitars because it is attractive and cheaper to get than rosewood.

What kind of glue does Gibson use?

These days, Gibson guitars are glued with yellow carpenter’s glue.

How do you install a neck set?

Next we want to make sure that our neck angle is correct. And that our neck is straight so that the strings follow the edges of the fretboard.

How do you make a Les Paul neck?

The idea here is pretty straightforward. First of all we're gonna support the neck with something and then we're gonna come in and file these flat.

How high should the action be on a Les Paul?

3/64ths of an inch

Action at the 12th

“Once you’ve checked the nut height at the 1st fret, it’s time to check the action at the 12th fret,” Jim says. “On electrics, our official spec is 3/64ths of an inch.

How do I know if my pickups are too high?

Setting your pickup height too high will cause your magnets to push and pull your strings out of tune. Here’s a quick way to tell if this is happening to you: play the Low E string at a high fret (15th fret is a good one to start at). You might hear a “warbling” sound. That sound is your magnet fighting your string.

How wide is a Les Paul neck?

The neck width impacts how easily you can stretch your hand out over the fretboard. The neck width at the nut of a typical Les Paul is 1.695 inches (43mm). What is this? The neck width at the nut of a typical Strat is 1.650 inches (42mm).

Can a Strat sound like a Les Paul?

Can a Les Paul Sound Like a Stratocaster? The simple answer to this question is no. A Les Paul known for it’s thick and creamy sound can not achieve the bright and twangy Strat tone.

Are Fender necks thinner than Gibson?

Most Fender Stratocaster Necks are 1” & 11/16ths at the nut which is wider than Gibson 1”&5/8ths for Les Pauls and SG’s ( Fender Telecaster is also 1”&5/8ths) . The difference is minor in actual dimension but noticeable in feel.