REVIEW: The Lost Search Party – An Invitation To…[EP]

The Lost Search Party are one of those rare bands that defy categorisation. Whilst they are, without question, a ‘rock’ band, the influences behind the individual members of the group are so diverse that the product is impossible to place in any particular sub-genre, and that is a great quality indeed. This debut EP comprises five original songs that, as the title suggests, introduces the listener to the varied tastes and abilities these guys possess.

The opening track, Oh My Lord, originally released as a single back in December 2019, can best be described as a bit of a southern rocker with a hint of soul. An infectious song with strong lyrical content that ensures your undivided attention.

Track 2, Evil Girl, continues with that southern rock sound but with a bit more weight behind it. First released September 2019 as a single and, alongside their other single releases, enjoyed steady rotation on local radio in the Medway area from which they hail.

Backseat Lover was their debut single release back in August 2019 and features a strong guitar rhythm and fine vocals. A touch of blues rock influences stand out here.

Track four is the latest release from TLSP’s EP and is entitled Getaway, and it’s clear that the band have used the downtime afforded by the global pandemic to hone their skills to a sharp edge. This track encompasses a variety of musical moods and styles, and incorporates a sublime guitar solo, something that was perhaps absent from earlier work.

The EP closes with a sumptuous 8-minute long epic of breathtaking proportions. This commences as a delightful acoustic ballad before exploding into life half way through. This is a truly outstanding track that leaves you begging for more.

As debut EPs go, this one is truly awesome! As an unsigned band with limited resources at their disposal this EP showcases the pure talent that lies within and it is clear to me that the future for them is very bright indeed. I am quite certain that The Lost Search Party have a lot more gas in the tank that can take them to the very top and I am sure they won’t remain ‘unsigned’ for very long at all!

An Invitation To…  is released on 28th May 2021.

Words: Nick Luxford

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