REVIEW: The Dust Coda – Mojo Skyline

I first came across The Dust Coda at Planet Rock’s Winter’s End Festival 3 years ago and was blown away by their performance and picked up a signed copy of their debut album at that show. It’s been a long time waiting for their follow up to that but I am pleased to say it’s been worth the wait!

The new album kicks off in fine style with Demon, a high energy, no-nonsense rocker that pulls no punches! This is a track that shouts “We’re Back” in an unequivocal manner!

Moving on to track 2, Breakdown, it’s clear that you’re not going to get a rest just yet! An awesome baseline drives this song deep into your stomach! Vocals are bang on point as always and a wailing guitar line leaves you gasping for breath. The second single release from the album that must give the listener an indication of the quality of the rest of the album.

Limbo Man enjoys some seriously heavy riffage and some glorious drumming that gave me a sore neck on its first play! A bit of a darker feel to this one but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Track 4 is Dream Alight and gives you a little respite from the heavy rock displayed in the first three tracks. This is a delightful ballad that will likely have the fag lighters waving when played live! Beautiful lyrics lead into a heavier mid section, just to remind you that this is a serious rock band, and then the whole thing builds to a sumptuous crescendo!

Jimmy 2 Times gets us back to the high octane rock ‘n’ roll! This is a song that will get you up and dancing, regardless of how much lead you have in your boots!

Track 6 is Rolling is one of those songs that displays the real versatility of these fine musicians, with its smooth transition from light to shade and back again. A true delight!

Bourbon Pouring opens with a spaghetti western style and you can picture a sad cowboy singing this! A gorgeous, gentle song this, that carries you along on a wave of melody.

Track 8, I’ve Been Waiting wakes things up nicely with an almost Led Zeppelin feel to it. We’re approaching prog rock territory here with an unconventional musical development. It may only be 3 minutes long but boy does it a pack a lot in!

She’s Gone is a fine piece of melodic rock with some nice sweet guitar work and some brilliant hooks that can’t be ignored.

Track 10, They Don’t Know Rock ‘n’ Roll shows that these guys, ironically, definitely DO know rock ‘n’ roll! This is one of those songs that has it all: a driving rhythm, riffs galore and a beat that guarantees that I’m going to get a face full of someone else’s hair when I see this played live!

Best Believe It takes the tempo up several notches and is an adrenalin fuelled rocker of the first order! I loved the way it steps down a gear mid way through and builds the anticipation of the explosion of sound that you know is going to hit you right between the eyes.

The album closes with It’s A Jam and this is a song that will stick in your head for quite some time. A great sing-along chorus gives your vocal chords a good workout too!

In summary, this album is a well crafted, brilliantly produced piece of work destined to project The Dust Coda to the next level. We may well have had to wait for nigh on 4 years to the follow up to their debut album but there is no doubt that it was worth the wait! Certainly no second album nerves here, this is a band that clearly believes in the music they are creating and have the passion to create something very special indeed!

Mojo Skyline is due for release on 26th March 2021.

Words: Nick Luxford

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