Term wanted for different combinations of instruments?

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What is a combination of instruments called?

Naming the Typical Types of Musical Groups
An ensemble is a group of people performing a specific musical composition together and/or a group of musicians that regularly play musical instruments together on different gigs.

What does ensemble mean in music?

Definition of ensemble
(Entry 1 of 2) : a group producing a single effect: such as. a : concerted music of two or more parts.

What are five instruments playing together called?

Five parts
The string quintet is a common type of group. It is similar to the string quartet, but with an additional viola, cello, or more rarely, the addition of a double bass. Terms such as “piano quintet” or “clarinet quintet” frequently refer to a string quartet plus a fifth instrument.

What are the 4 types of ensembles?

Nine Types of Music Ensembles in American Schools

  • In most American schools, students can choose to learn a musical instrument and participate in a band, orchestra or chorus. …
  • Small Ensemble (Winds/Strings) …
  • Pit Orchestra (Winds/Strings) …
  • Jazz Band (All) …
  • Marching Band (Winds)

What is a mixed ensemble?

The Mixed Ensemble. classical, ambient, jazz, contemporary and world. Instrumental duos and trios featuring 7 String Guitar: with either flute/sax, violin, cello accordion, guitar or bass.

What is the collective noun for a group of musicians?


Orchestra or Band is the collective noun for musicians.

What is the term for a large group of similar musical works?

STUDY. What is the term for a large group of similar musical works? opera.

What do you call a group of musicians who perform together usually using the same or related group of instruments?

ensemble Add to list Share. An ensemble is a group of musicians, dancers, or actors who perform together, like an ensemble which has been playing music together for several years.

What are the three distinct ensembles?

Outside the symphony orchestra tradition and the Filipino theater, the Filipinos have also developed a repertoire for three distinct musical ensembles: the band (brass and bamboo), the rondalla and the chorus.

What are musical ensembles called?

A musical ensemble, also known as a music group or musical group, is a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music, with the ensemble typically known by a distinct name. Some music ensembles consist solely of instruments, such as the jazz quartet or the orchestra.

What is the art of arranging music for an orchestra called?


Orchestration is the art and craft of arranging a musical composition for performance by an orchestra or other ensemble. Orchestrators are often used in film and television, not because composers do not know how to orchestrate their own music for orchestra, but because of the time constraints.

What is a group of three musicians called?


A trio is a group of three people together, especially musicians or singers.

What are the group of musicians playing with different instruments?

orchestra. a large group of musicians using many different instruments to play mostly classical music. The person in charge of an orchestra is its conductor.

What is instrumental group?

The standard instrumental groups of Western chamber music include the string quartet (two violins, viola, and violoncello), the woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon), the combinations employed in sonatas (one wind or stringed instrument with piano), and the brass quintet (frequently two trumpets,

What is a music trio called?

Composition. A trio is a composition for three performers or musical parts. Works include Baroque trio sonatas, choral works for three parts, and works for three instruments such as string trios.

What is trio’s?

1 : a group or set of three. 2 : a group of three musicians who perform together. More from Merriam-Webster on trio.

What is a tutti in music?

Definition of tutti
(Entry 1 of 2) : with all voices or instruments performing together —used as a direction in music. tutti. noun.