Tenor recorder – Cannot reliably play middle C?

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Is tenor recorder in C?

The tenor recorder, like the soprano recorder, is tuned in C, but is pitched an octave lower. Because of its larger size, many tenors have keys to make it easier to play the lowest C and C♯, and occasionally D and D♯.

How do you get C on the recorder?

From one thinker to a different one finger if this is actually your second finger and your thumb. But you go from B to C and you have a higher pitch C is the third line of the staff.

Can you play lower than AC on recorder?

The soprano and tenor recorders can go as low as C and the sopranino and alto recorders go down to low F.

How do you unstick a recorder?

How to take apart stuck plastic recorder joints

  1. Rocking the joint. The first thing to try if you have stuck plastic recorder joints is not turning, but rocking the joint. …
  2. Hot water. If that doesn’t work, try putting the joint under warm running water (not too hot). …
  3. Get the gloves out. …
  4. Avoiding it happening again.

Are wooden recorders better than plastic ones?

There is more resistance in wooden recorders, and often they are easier to play than plastic ones, especially on the lowest notes. Plastic recorders tend to block up very quickly with moisture, meaning the sound becomes muffled and the instrument is less rewarding to play.

What key is tenor recorder?

To show that that there were also voice flutes this is a tenor recorder in d. So it's slightly higher than a regular tenor.

How do you play high C on a recorder?

And the next with your middle and your right hand is going to cover the bell down here make sure it doesn't cover any holes.

How do you play high C?

You're going to support with your belly. So push out with your abdominal muscles and you're going to spin that air keep your tongue high in the back of your mouth inning E.

Which fingers play the note C on the recorder?

To play a ‘C’ you cover the index finger and ring finger hole.

How do you clean a recorder that doesn’t come apart?

Fill the kitchen sink with enough water to submerge the recorder, using about 2 quarts hot water and 1 squirt dish soap. Pour 1/4 cup vinegar into the water to aid with disinfection. 3. Place the base and mouthpiece of the recorder in the soapy water, and let soak for 10 minutes.

How do you grease a plastic recorder?

You don’t need joint grease for a plastic recorder: Vaseline or anything greasy will do. I have most of my plastic recorders lubricated with anti-inflammatory corticosteroid ointment, that being something I always have handy.

How do you take apart a recorder?

So what do first is you separate your recorder. So you separate the head joint. The body and the foot joint into three pieces. And you stick them into the warm soapy water.

Why do schools make you play the recorder?

The kids can carry it from home to school easily — unlike, say, a piano, which not everyone can afford to have at home. Eng: The recorder has almost become a victim of its own success. Because of its ubiquity as a learning instrument, it’s developed a reputation as a pre-band, kiddie instrument.

What is someone who plays the recorder called?

A recorder player is called a recorder player. They would not be called a recordist, since that would refer to someone who does sound recording.

Which recorder is easiest to play?

Probably the two most common recorder voices that beginners learn to play are soprano and alto; which one you might choose could depend on a number of factors. We recommend that you begin on the alto recorder. The alto is a great choice if you plan to play in a group with other recorder players.

What kind of recorder do schools use?

soprano recorder

Types of Recorders

The soprano recorder is what most people think of when they hear “recorder.” It’s the type of recorder used in elementary schools.

Is recorder a professional instrument?

The recorder is a family of woodwind musical instruments in the group known as internal duct flutes: flutes with a whistle mouthpiece, also known as fipple flutes.

Recorder (musical instrument)

Classification Wind Woodwind Aerophone
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 421.221.12 (Flute with internal duct and finger holes)
Playing range

Is recorder a good beginner instrument?

The recorder is particularly suitable as an instrument for beginners. For anyone who would like to learn how to read music and make their first acquaintance with music making, it is a good idea to start with the recorder.

Why is the recorder so annoying?

So why the bad reputation? One reason is that many school music teachers aren’t trained recorder players. They can play some notes, but they might lack proper technique. Like any instrument, the intricacy of fingering, breath pressure and tonguing to perfect intonation and sound quality needs to be learnt.

Why is the recorder not in orchestra?

The recorder’s expressiveness earned it a significant place in baroque era ensembles. In time, the recorder was replaced in the orchestra by woodwind instruments that were newer or being enhanced, such as the oboe and flute.