Stacking patches on the Empress Zoia guitar pedal?

Asked by: Ana Peterson

How many patches can Zoia hold?

The ZOIA can only hold 64 patches at a time, and you have to manually change the names of files to make sure you don’t overwrite ones you want to keep.

How do you use Empress in Zoia?

So in this video we're gonna look at the very basics of the Empress effects soya.

How do I add patches to Zoia?

Insert the SD card “pins upwards” into your ZOIA and then hold shift “up arrow below screen” button and then hold config button “bottom right corner button on grid” and this will open your config menu. Scroll down until you see “patches to SD and patches from SD”.

How do I update my Zoia firmware?

How to upgrade your ZOIA’s and EUROBURO’s firmware

  1. Download the firmware file from below. …
  2. Copy the file to the root directory of a high-capacity microSD card that’s been formatted FAT32. …
  3. For ZOIA, Insert the SD card then power on the pedal.

What can Zoia do?

With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and virtual pedal boards. And to make life a little easier, we’ve created modules for all your standard guitar effects. So for instance, if you want a phaser, you can just plop down a phaser.

Does Empress ZOIA Sound good?

Bottom line: ZOIA goes way beyond – like, way, way beyond, stratospherically way beyond – just being a guitar effects pedal. Whatever you plug in, the audio quality is excellent: stereo in/out, 48kHz sampling, with 24-bit conversion and 32-bit internal processing, and an extremely low-noise signal path (>105dB).