Staccato with slur?

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On a piano, the staccato under a slur is a portato where the individual notes sound for three-quarters of their written duration. On a string instrument, the staccato mark under a slur means detach the notes on a single stroke of the bow whether upstroke or downstroke.

How do you play slur with staccato?

Short. Same thing up all do you want. And then D 2 for 2 beats. 3 for 2 beats. Same things flourished a cow D 2 D 1 D 0 for 2 days Oh same thing slow staccato a 3.

What do dots inside a slur means?

A slur , which looks like a tie, is placed over or under notes of different pitches and means to play them in a connected manner. 🔗 A dot added to a note increases the duration of that note by half. A second dot represents half the value of the first dot, or a quarter of the original duration.

What is a tenuto staccato called?

The mezzo-staccato (AKA portato or articulated legato) is a combination of a tenuto and staccato (over one note) or a slur and staccato (over more than one note). It directs you to play the phrase with a smooth yet pulsing articulation.

What does slurred staccato mean?

Portato, also known as articulated legato or slurred staccato or semi-staccato or mezzo-staccato, that means “moderately detached“. It is a style of playing between staccato and legato, and is also referred to as non-legato.

How do you play a slurred staccato flute?

And exaggerated duh is a little bit more smooth da da da da da da da da I'll play four notes using a tough syllable followed by four notes using it done see if you can hear the. Difference.

What is staccato articulation?

Staccato ([stakˈkaːto]; Italian for “detached”) is a form of musical articulation. In modern notation, it signifies a note of shortened duration, separated from the note that may follow by silence. It has been described by theorists and has appeared in music since at least 1676.

How do you tell if it is a slur or tie?

Both a slur and a tie is a curved line. When you see a curved line between two notes, check to see if the notes are of the same pitch or different pitches. If they are the same pitch, it’s a tie. If they are different pitches, it’s a slur.

What is the difference between staccato and Marcato?

As noted above, staccato accents are played short and strong. In the Italian language, Staccatissimo means very, and it is an accent that indicates a note being played even shorter than a staccato marking. Marcato is often utilized by classically trained musicians and marks a note to be played slightly louder.

What does a slur mean in music?

A slur is a curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches. A slur means the notes should be played as smoothly as possible, with no space in between.

What is the difference between slur and legato?

Each individual note is played to its maximum duration and then blends directly into whatever note follows. Legato notes are often slurred; that is, a group of notes is played together in one down-bow or up-bow. In the music, a slur looks like a curved line over the notes that are all in one bow.

How do you play slur music?

You can do exactly the same thing in the left hand so again taking any note firm finger rounded hand position the movement is always down so you play the note. And then you float off on the second.

Do you tongue slurs in music?

generally any note without a slur sign over it should be lightly tongued, then heavier if accented or staccato. If the notes have a slur marking over them then you tongue the first note of the set of slurred notes (if that makes sense!). You always need to tongue the first of the slurred notes.

What effect does a slur have?

A slur is a musical notation that informs the musician to play a sequence of two or more notes without pausing in between notes, like slurring all the notes together.

Is a slur an articulation?

Slurs must not be confused with ties, which look superficially similar, but instead join notes of the same pitch to indicate that they are played as a single note. In that sense, ties are part of rhythmic notation, while slurs are considered articulation.

How much beats is a slur?

This results in a note that lasts for a total of 2 beats. You can also tie multiple notes (it doesn’t have to be only two). Now let’s look at slurs. Slurs are also curved lines that are spread across multiple notes, which can include different pitches.

How do you slur?

You know simple enough as a starting point the tricky part comes in when we wanted to start slurring the notes now is slur it's the little kind of bow shaped thing over the two notes.