Slash chords nomenclature/reading convention?

Asked by: Matthew Bond

How do you name a slash chord?

Slash chords are notated with a chord’s standard chord symbol, followed by a forward slash, followed by the alternate bass note. For example, G/B or D7/F# are slash chords.

What do slashes mean in chords?

In music, especially modern popular music, a slash chord or slashed chord, also compound chord, is a chord whose bass note or inversion is indicated by the addition of a slash and the letter of the bass note after the root note letter. It does not indicate “or”.

How do you read a piano chord with a slash?

So how do you play them well every slash chord has two bits of information. The first letter on the left indicates what chords should be played and the second letter on the right tells.

Are slash chords just inversions?

However, by far the most common are simple chords with a different chord tone as the bass. Most slash chords are “chord inversions”. This means that the other notes of the chord are the same. The difference is that a non-root note is in the lowest-sounding position.

How do you read rhythm slashes?

Four sixteenth notes and so on and you can see that when eighth notes and sixteenth notes are joined they're joined with beams just like they are normally.

What do slashes mean in music?

Rhythm slashes are diagonal lines positioned on staves that are used to indicate that performers should play something, but without specifying the exact rhythms and pitches. They are often accompanied by chord symbols to indicate the set of notes the performer should use.

How do you play slash?

This is a fairly easy one. It's often coming from the C chord. I move my second finger over to the second string and the pinkie down on the high E string. So that's a G /b. So here's a full G chord.