Should I loosen the tension on the bow for a break?

Asked by: Anthony Jefferson

Yes, if you leave a bow under tension too long, it will lose its camber (bend) faster. So that’s true: one should get in the habit of loosening the bow.

When should you loosen the bow?

Loosen the hair when you’re done playing or even just taking a break. You might get distracted and not come right back—a bow under tension is much more vulnerable to breaking than one that’s not.

Should I loosen my bow strings?

Two good rhyming tips to remember are: “lefty loosey, right tighty” and: “tighten for playing, loosen for staying.” You must tighten the bow (add tension) to play, but when you’re finished, you should loosen the bow’s hair (remove the tension) before you put it away.

Should I loosen my bow after use?

It is very wise to loosen the bow hair after every use. The bristles that are exposed to a permanently streching will, of course, be damaged sooner than the bristles that can rest. Also it’s very wise to loosen the bow for the good sake of the bow stick itself.

How much should you loosen your bow after playing?

Loosen the bow to the point where the bow has arched back to its resting position and the hairs are no longer pulling it tightly. A good rule of thumb is 3-4 twists of the screw, but of course this will differ depending on the instrument.

How do you know if your bow is too tight?

So if the bow is too straight as far as the stick. That means that the bow is too tight most likely so we want the bow more on a camber where it's more angled like this. And when we play the violin.

What happens if you don’t loosen your violin bow?

Yes, if you leave a bow under tension too long, it will lose its camber (bend) faster.

Should I loosen my violin strings when not playing?

If you loosen your bow, should you also loosen the strings of your violin? Answer: Nope! Please don’t untune your violin. It is better for your instrument, for your strings and save you a lot of work!

What happens if you touch the bow hair?

Don’t touch the hair. Once kids learn that the bow has horse hair in it everyone wants to touch it; don’t allow it. The natural oils in the fingers will make dirt and oil stick and the bow will need a re-hair sooner than otherwise. Like Tony Manero says below: “Watch the hair!”

What is the correct tension for a violin bow?

If you tighten your bow a bit and can just fit a pencil in between the bow hair and the stick in the middle of the bow, that is enough tension. You can also use your pinky, but in this case, only the tip of your pinky will fit. From there, you might find that you need to adjust the bow SLIGHTLY tighter or looser.

How often should you rosin your violin bow?

every four to six playing hours

Typically, students should re-apply rosin every four to six playing hours, which equals about two times per week.

How do I lower the draw weight on my bow?

To do that all you really need to do is take a small piece of loot material. And tie it into a circle. And then loop it through itself.

How much does it cost to get a bow Rehaired?

While many prolific string musicians learn to rehair their bow independently, most musicians take their bow to a professional. The cost of rehairing a violin bow is typically around $50 or less, a bit more for cello and bass bows.

What happens if you put too much rosin on a bow?

Too much rosin will make the bow feel stickier as it moves across the strings. Excess rosin can generate a cloud of rosin dust as you play, and the sound will be harsh and scratchy. Rosin debris will fall onto the surface of the instrument and, over time, can damage the varnish and the wood.

How often should a bow be Rehaired?

every six months to

In general, we recommend a bow rehair every six months to a year, ideally at the beginning of the winter and summer. Rehairing maintains the physical condition of the bow and enhances playability. Bowhair is extremely responsive to humidity conditions.

How long does a bow Rehair take?

April 5, 2020, 9:22 AM · If the bow rehairer has tools at the shop (assuming there’s no one else in line), a bow rehair generally takes between half an hour and an hour, depending on how thorough one is with cleaning the bow and how much work is needed to disassemble.

How do I know if my bow needs rosin?

Here are two possibilities: Acoustically: you shall strike the bow across the strings as a test. If the bow does not slide easily and produces no sound or only a faint, thin sound, then the bow hair does not have enough rosin. But if the bow is very scratchy, then it may have gotten too much rosin.

How often should I restring my bow?

every two years

Like most bow companies, we recommend changing bow string and cables once a year on target bows and every two years on hunting bows. Target bows require more frequent restring since they see more shooting than a comparable hunting bow.