Setting up Distortion on an Amp?

Asked by: Mark Kue

For a distorted tone, set your amplifier settings to 7-9 for gain, 4-5 for bass, 5-7 for mids and 5-7 for treble. For metal, consider decreasing the mids and increasing the treble and bass. For heavy rock distortion, lower the gain slightly, and increase the mids. Keep in mind, that this is just a starting point.

How do I make my guitar amp distorted?

Between six and seven on the the knob on your amp. So and then depending on what style I'm playing I may go to if I'm playing a like a newer rock sound I want at the base. I want a more bass.

How do you get a good distortion tone?

Setting both to a mid level should give a good clean or crunchy sound, while running the first up high and the second low will give you the most distortion. Overdrive, Distortion, Gain and Drive Pedals can also give a similar sound.

How do you use a distortion pedal on an amp?

On the pedal put the tone about half the gain and volume about a quarter and start by turning up the volume and see what it.

How do you put a distortion in a Fender amp?

One since I'm playing through this awesome deluxe reverb tube amp I can just simply crank the amp crank the volume and it'll naturally break up and distort so let's check that.

How do you get crisp distortion?

5 Tips To Get Clean Distortion

  1. Practice muting. It’s important to practice muting and mute the unwanted strings when playing with distortion – this ensures no accidental sound and noise. …
  2. Adjust amp settings for clean distortion. …
  3. Use overdrive pedal instead of distortion (or fuzz) …
  4. Use noise suppressor pedal.

How can I make my amp sound like rock?

So in order to keep the volume the same and just change the sound we're going to turn down the master. Volume. You notice now that it's breaking up all the driving and distorting.

How do I make my guitar sound crisp?

So the key is really to work around with the treble in the presence. I would not raise the bass too high if I raise the bass too high it's going to be very muffled.

How do I make my distorted guitar tone thicker?

Sound like I was sort of sweeping the mids on the SSL channel you can really go from one gamut to another on the guitars. What I like doing on guitars is also a parallel Distortion.

What should my amp settings be?

Generally, good rock guitar amp settings are:

Gain: 5-7. Treble: 5. Mids: 6. Bass: 6.

How do you change between distortion and clean?

When you need to play with a clean sound, make sure the gain pedal is off. When you need to switch to distortion, push the gain pedal using your foot to turn it on – which changes the sound to distortion immediately. Keep in mind that sound changes the moment you push the pedal with your foot.

What does overdrive do on an amp?

Overdrive refers to the sound made by a tube amp that’s pushed to its operating limit. Indeed, the purest overdrive sound comes from a maxed out tube amp, but since many players don’t want to blast their audience with too much volume, they use stompbox effects pedals to create overdrive.

Do you use a distortion pedal on clean?

i got a ds-1… and i use it on clean… “If it seems like you are playing around and not practicing, that’s when you know you really love it.” Use it however you want, but bear in mind that gain boosting pedals sound like crap on the distortion channels of solid state amps – they work fine on tube amps though.