Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona Analysis?

Asked by: Lindsey George

What was the point of Ramona Flowers?

To truly ensure the defeat of the league of evil exes, it won’t be enough for Scott to defeat them in combat. Ramona will also have to change the behavior that so spectacularly destroyed her relationships and turned her exes “evil” in the first place. Personality… guarded, sarcastic, and independent.

Does Ramona love Scott?

At first, Ramona wasn’t interested in Scott, but eventually, Scott convinced her to go out with him. Their relationship has their ups and downs like any. She remains enigmatic and Scott remains a dork, but it’s that very interest that keeps the two together.

Are Scott and Ramona toxic?

The reality is, Scott and Ramona are both terrible people. They both treat their partners horribly, and by getting together, they start to realize how toxic they both are and learn how to become better people.

Does Scott Pilgrim end up with Ramona?

But in the final version Scott ended up with Ramona nontheless. Stephen Stills doesn’t admit he’s gay to his friends in the movie. Joseph doesn’t appear in the movie and thus there’s no relationship between him and Stephen Stills.

Is Ramona a MPDG?

First appearing to protagonist Scott, played by Michael Cera, in a dream, Ramona Flowers seems to be ultimate MPDG. The vision of her in his dream is ethereal yet prominent. She is the most captivating person to occupy his mind in a while.

What is the message of Scott Pilgrim?

There is a strong moral taught through the movie on honesty and dating. One should not date another person just because they are “good enough for now”, or just to avoid being alone.

What does Ramona represent in Scott Pilgrim?

Finally, Ramona represents Farore, goddess of courage, in her finally deciding to stop running away and to take a chance on Scott once he defeats Gideon.

Who did Scott cheat on Ramona?

Knives Chau
She even goes as far as dying her hair. In addition, she fights Ramona before realizing he was cheating on her with Ramona. Because of Scott’s actions, she and Ramona had a bitter relationship, even having another fight in Volume 5.

Why does Ramona’s head glow?

The Glow is triggered by intense emotional moments, like in Volume 5 when Ramona is faced with the prospect of Scott having cheated on her with Knives, and is also experienced by Scott in Volume 6 after Kim points out the mistakes he made while they were dating in high school (namely beating up Simon Lee and leaving

Does Scott Pilgrim have 2 endings?

It’s a situation where through outlines, emails and test screenings, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World had two separate endings to work with, and Edgar Wright still prefers the one that ended up in the film. I was able to speak with Mr. Wright recently in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs.

Why does Ramona Flowers change her hair?

As discussed previously, Ramona’s hair is portrayed as a direct indicator of her view on the stability of her life. When she first starts dating Scott, she changes her hair every few weeks and one can’t help but recognize there were times when she dated and dumped one of her exes in about that time window.

Why did Envy Adams cheat on Scott Pilgrim?

Scott still wanted to pursue a relationship with Envy, and even wrote a song for her, Envy was too blinded by the prospects of fame. She failed to see the beauty of it and how Scott felt on the same level as herself. This is also the time Envy started cheating on Scott.

Are envy and Ramona the same person?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is well known for its quirky characters and unique style, and Ramona Flowers and Envy Adams stand out from the crowd. While Ramona is Scott Pilgrims’ love interest and Envy is his very own evil ex, the two are charismatic and have some of the best moments in the whole film.

Is Scott Pilgrim schizophrenic?

But Wright leaves a residue of sweetness from the first part, in which the perpetually immature Scott has to choose among all those fabulous women. That’s what makes Scott Pilgrim a fizzy, defiantly schizophrenic semidelight.

Was Envy Adams inspired by Asuka?

Envy Adams hairstyle was largely inspired by the character Asuka Langley from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She was intended to be the fourth evil ex instead of Roxanne Richter in the movie. Unlike the other evil exes, Envy never burst into coins in the comics or movie.

What animes did Evangelion inspire?


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Aoi House.
  • Bayonetta.
  • Danger 5.
  • Final Fantasy VII.
  • Gravity Falls.
  • Justice League (animated series)
  • Invader Zim.

Is Envy Adams based off Misa Amane?

Also in the film adaptation, Envy Adams’ look and outfit is reminiscent of Misa Amane from Death Note – a manga which Bryan Lee O’Malley is a fan of. However, he admitted that this was a coincidence and that he strongly dislikes the character Misa Amane.