Saxophone sometimes out of tune by nearly a fourth?

Asked by: Jerry Byerly

Why does my saxophone sound out of tune?

So your instrument a bit too big too low. So you want to make it smaller think of the food you want to go smaller.

Do saxophones go out of tune?

No matter what your skill level is, the saxophone is a temperamental instrument when it comes to playing in tune. There are many things that can affect the exact tuning of each pitch, from your embouchure to the age of your instrument or the distance between keypads and open holes.

How do you keep a saxophone in tune?

Well each saxophone has a particular pitch to tune on the neck. So for alto it's going to be concert a flat. For tenor it's going to be concert e. For bari sax it's gonna be concert D.

Why does my saxophone feel stuffy?

A stuffy sound or “feel” on a saxophone can be caused by one or more of the following: –Too much lip touching the reed. -Not enough mouthpiece in the mouth. -A reed that is too stiff for the mouthpiece or just unresponsive (tubby).

Why is my saxophone playing flat?

Often blowing very loud causes the saxophone to go flat so tune at a moderate dynamic. Using vibrato may cause the sound to be slightly flatter.

How much does it cost to tune a saxophone?

– It shouldn’t cost a dime to tune a saxophone. If you want to “tune-up” your saxophone, take it to a music store for simple repairs and pad replacements. This can cost anywhere from $80-150. Of course, much of the maintenance, such as cleaning your sax and replacing the neck cork on sax, is easily done at home.

How do you fix a flat note on a saxophone?

I applied a little bit extra pressure on my bottom lip to support the the reed a little more so it doesn't play the note flat.

How do I increase the intonation on my saxophone?

2 (Better) Ways to Improve Your Saxophone Intonation & Tuning

  1. Play long tones with a drone. This is great because it provides a solid, extended pitch for you to match. …
  2. Transcribe solos and play along.

How do I fix the intonation on my alto sax?

1) Play your alto saxophone for a few minutes to warm up your embouchure muscles and the instrument. 2) Play up to the 2nd line ‘G’ diatonically several times. This note is very close to the centered pitch. Adjust the mouthpiece if this note is out of tune.

Why won’t my alto saxophone play low notes?

First off, your sax needs to be in good working order. This means that all the pads need to be sealing well. If they’re not, you need to visit a repair technician and have your horn looked at. So assuming that your instrument is in good shape, the key to getting low notes out is all about how you use your air.

How do you fix a stuffy reed?

Though I used to go through a box of 10 Riis and get maybe one that played really well and the rest would be either too hard too soft stuffy or just dead and lifeless.

How do you make a smooth saxophone sound?

On Saxophone Tone:

  1. Bottom lip position is important. Think the word “Victory”, or the letter “F” to see how much (or little) bottom lip is placed over the bottom teeth.
  2. “Hot air plays the Saxophone; Cool air plays the Flute.”
  3. Keep your throat open – same way as when you burp – and push the warm air through.

How do you sound like a professional on the saxophone?

Now there's two ways we can explain this the first way is that you're eating the hot potato and it's burning your throat. And you want to blow out a candle from a distance so your sound.

What does a beginner saxophone player sound like?

But they actually sound differently. So one finger down on the tenor. Sounds different to one finger down on the alto. So inside sack school i'll always show you tunes with a separate lesson for alto.

Why does the saxophone sound so good?

It tickles your nervous system, in a good way. The very vibration of the instrument changes your vibration as you hear it. 2. The saxophone sounds great anytime, in just about any kind of music, and makes almost any band more fun to listen to, even lousy bands.