ROUND-UP: Releases 13th-19th March, 2021

Here’s our round-up of some of this weeks top releases that we recommend checking out!

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Ammotrack – Fucked Up Society
As December Falls – Tears
Beartooth – Devastation
Belle Haven – Take Your Pill
Black Paisley – Without Us (Acoustic)
Blackberry Smoke – Hey Delilah
Budderside (ft. Carla Harvey) – Amber Alert 
Burning Witches – Flight of the Valkyries
Chaser – Dreamers
Coral Snake – Waiting In Line
Daughtry – Heavy Is The Crown
The Dust Coda – Dream Alight
Electric Boys – Tumblin’ Dominoes
Exit – Headlines
False Memories – Voices
happydaze – Bad Taste
Halocene – Popular Monster
Havelocke – When We Go
Holding Absence – In Circles
Islander – What Do You Gotta Lose?
Late Night Savior / The Veer Union – Strong Enough To Live
Levara – Ever Enough
Lonely The Brave – Keeper (Piano Version)
Movement At Night – No Matter What
Myles Kennedy – The Ides of March
Nevertel – all i need
Our Last Night – Without You
Paris Youth Foundation – Tomorrow
Pop Evil – Set Me Free
Primitai – Stars Are My Guide
Prince of Lilies – How Will I Know
Rise Against – Nowhere Generation
Royals – Worldwide Catastrophe
Ruthcrest – If You Were Here
Ryan Kinder / Robert Randolph – Keep Up
Save The World – Defenders of the Faith
Solence – Good F**King Music
Sonic Haven – Vagabond
Stephen Brian Leonard – Dark Beyond The Light
Sunbomb – Life
TwentyDarkSeven – Broken
Two Trains Left – Throw It All Away
Voltagehawk – Straight Razor
Waxflower – Food For Your Garden

Magnolia Park – Dream Eater 
Serj Tankian – Electric Yerevan

Black Honey – Written & Directed
Catapults – I’ll Be Honest
Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes
Everture – Emerge
Piqued Jacks – Synchronizer
Rivals – Sad Looks Pretty On Me

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