REVIEW: Ronnie Atkins – One Shot

The Danish frontman of Pretty Maids and Nordic Union, Ronnie Atkins has produced this delightful solo album, although there is a fair degree of sadness surrounding its conception. Around Easter last year Ronnie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was told it was incurable. Rather than wallow in depression he instead determined that he would pursue his dreams and make the most of the time he had left and this is the result, melodic hard rock at its best!

Opening with Real this track sets the tone very nicely for what follows. A good, solid opener if ever there was one!

Track 2, Scorpio is a nice, heavy number with a great pounding beat and dirty guitar riffs that get the blood pumping!

The title track, One Shot epitomises the reasons behind the creation of this album. This is quite a melancholic ballad that really sums up Ronnie’s feelings following his diagnosis.

Subjugated is a truly anthemic number with a great chorus that you can easily get behind and lyrics that strike a chord with all of us!

Track 5, Frequency Of Love is a delightful song that is rather more positive than some of the other tracks on the album. Excellent production work on this one too!

Before The Rise Of An Empire kicks off with a soaring guitar solo before Ronnie’s fine vocal kicks in. This is powerful hard rock in all its glory!

Miles Away is rather more laid back that what precedes it and tells of how distance cannot break the bonds of love. This is certainly one of the highlights of the album for me.

Track 8 is Picture Yourself deals with optimism is the face of adversity and sends a great message of positivity to the listener. 

I Prophesize is a soaring slice of rock that you just cannot ignore! This track seems to have everything, great lyrics, soaring guitar solos, and the kitchen sink!

One By One is another positive number that puts a broad smile on your face! Great words of encouragement from someone who faces an uncertain future.

The album closes with When Dreams Are Not Enough and this track drawn a fine underline beneath the titles that went before. A lovely sing-along chorus and splendid guitar solo make this a great ending to this excellent album.

Many may see this as Ronnie Atkins’ swansong but I would prefer to consider it as just a part of his legacy of some 40 years in the business of entertaining fans! The fact is that this album may not have seen the light of day had it not been for this great artist’s sad circumstances. This is an outstanding solo album from one of the genres greats and we should be forever grateful for the fortitude of the man behind it.

One Shot is to be released on 12th March 2021 on Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Words: Nick Luxford

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