REVIEW: Mother Road – II

If you like your blues rock hard and heavy then this is a must have album for you! Originally founded in 2013, Mother Road take their name from the legendary Route 66 in the USA and after taking a break in 2016 they are back with an outstanding line up! Soul Doctor guitarist Chris Lyne, singer Keith Slack, formerly of Steelhouse Lane & MSG brought in the talents of Zacky Tsoukas (Ex Soul Doctor) on drums and Barry Sparks (Ex Dokken, Ted Nugent & MSG) to form a veritable supergroup! 

Fool’s Gold kicks off proceedings in fine style and sets the pace for what follows. A driving rhythm makes you want to jump in your car and hit the road! Great vocals and fine guitar work tell you that this album is going to something special!

Sticks And Stones is the first single taken from the album and shows some heavy 70’s rock influences and purrs along like a well oiled machine! Once again, the obligatory guitar solo is bang on point.

Track 3 is Spread It All Around puts you in mind of some of Free’s finest work with, perhaps, some added weight! The chorus will have you singing along on first play as it is seriously catchy!

Matter Of Time displays a tip of the hat to Free once again, reminding me of Fire And Water,  and I would defy any lover of Paul Rogers work to dislike this track. 

The 5th track is entitled Without You and is a very much more laid back affair with a delicious helping of Hammond organ carrying things along. There is a melody here that you can just sink into like a hot bath! Truly sublime!

Side To Side will snap you out of your reverie with a massive jolt! Well, it did me! The drumming on this track is just massive and carries this particular tune along on a musical tsunami that leaves you gasping for breath.

Cold Heat introduces a touch of Mowtown funk to the proceedings with the addition of a brilliant horn section! This track goes a long way towards displaying the versatility of these fine musicians and to great effect. It is certainly refreshing to hear something that fuses blues rock with soul in such a superb fashion.

Track 8 is Ain’t Got The Blues, a true laid back blues track executed to perfection. This has all the elements you would expect from such a song, exhibiting superb musical development as it progresses.

The One You Keep again features some mighty fine Hammond organ work and a splendid dirty bass line that cannot be ignored! Guitar and organ exchange blows brilliantly half way through to great effect.

The closing track, Southland, brings you to the end of a truly splendid musical journey with a dose of what could be described as Southern Rock without a Yeehah in sight! 

Mother Road’s first album was, in my view, a fine body of work, but this latest offering takes things to a whole new level! What we have here is a collection of songs that, whilst they show respect to the likes of Bad Company, Humble Pie and Free, they remain truly original and are perfectly executed. This is a band to be reckoned with and we can only hope that they don’t decide to take another break!

Rating: 9/10

Mother Road II  is released on the Metalapolis Records Label on 19th February 2021 (@metalapolis)

Words: Nick Luxford (@rockasaurusnick)

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