REVIEW: Matt Long And The Revenant Ones – The Other Side

Matt Long had already established himself in the rock scene as the frontman of Catfish to great acclaim, and his latest project that he runs alongside his Catfish duties allows him to take his song writing and guitar talents to new heights! This is an album that will force you to sit up and listen!

So opens the album with a song that feels like someone is stomping on your head wearing hob-nailed boots, but in a good way! This is a pounding rock track that will shake you to your core!

Track 2, Have My Say showcases Matt’s incredible guitar skills with superb heavy riffage and massive vocal, underpinned by some filthy bass! 

Stone Bones keeps the tempo going nicely with a finely crafted, dirty rock track. By now one has already formed the impression that this is something new and fresh, the likes of which we haven’t heard before. The drumming on this track is truly insane!

Track 4, Dark And Lonely Room reveals a more tender side of Matt and co’s personality. A beautiful, if dark ballad, that explodes halfway into a melancholy wall of sound. Simply divine!

Take It All picks up the monstrous pace again with a wonderfully riff-laden number. Matt’s vocals come to the fore once again to great effect!

Wild Animal is very aptly named as it grabs you by the throat from the outset like a pissed off wild cat! A pounding beat and massive bassline carry this song along leaving the listener a little breathless!

Track 7, With My Own Eyes, gives you a little respite from the high octane rock for a few minutes. A particularly deep, thought provoking song that displays the incredible versatility of this outstanding three-piece! A soaring chorus that sink deeply into your cerebral cortex!

Feel Like A Saint is another great heavy rocker that features brilliant interplay between lead and bass guitars!

The closing track, Across The Borderline is a blues-rock inspired beauty with a delicious vocal delivery that is hard to beat! 

If one were to try to draw comparisons with another band you would be hard pressed to do so. Matt Long And The Revenant Ones have given us something totally unique, pushing the boundaries of rock in a way that few others have been brave enough to do. Yes, there are blues influences there, but the way that those influences have been reshaped and remodelled has produced an album of music that is totally new and vital. This album promises to be a massive hit for these guys and deservedly so, and, I believe it will influence other up and coming musicians in the future!

The album will have its long awaited release on 16th July, 2021.

Words: Nick Luxford

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