RESULTS: Single & Album of the Week!

Congratulations to this week’s joint winners of Single of the Week – Black Diamonds (find them on the Rockasaurus Club here: @blackdiamonds) & Diplomatic Immunity!

They have now been both been added to the ‘2021 Single of the Week Winners’ playlist! This playlist will be updated each week with the Rockasaurus Single of the Week winner being added. By the end of the year we will have 50+ of the best songs released this year for your listening pleasure!

The playlist can be found and followed here:

Moving on to ALBUM OF THE WEEK! Congratulations to Symphony of Sweden who were this weeks winners! Their album is now in our “Album of the Week” slot here on the Rockasaurus Club for you to check out and watch the music videos that have been released!
You can click here to be taken to that page!

The album will also be added to the ‘2021 Album of the Week Winners’ Playlist, which can be found here:

Give it a follow and watch it grow into 50+ of the best albums of the year!

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