Recording two mics in garageband going out of sync?

Asked by: Cindy Petro

Can you record two mics at once in GarageBand?

Record to multiple audio tracks simultaneously

In GarageBand on Mac, set the instrument or microphone input source for each track you want to record to. Choose Track > Configure Track Header. You can also right-click on any track header or press Option-T. In the Track Header Configuration dialog, select Record Enable.

How do you record two mics at once with Scarlett in GarageBand?

And then one usb. Into the laptop or computer. So for the first track i'm just going to select input one make sure it's on the microphone. Uh you can see that we already have the scarlett.

How do you sync two tracks in GarageBand?

And so you can kind of if it's not the right answer here click the arrow. And then choose the right answer uh where where you want to hear the sound. From then next that we'll click create.

How do I record two microphones at once?

So let's go into the computer first things first we need to download a software called voice meter and that's me like with two e's voice meter i'll pop a link in the description.

How do I record two microphones at once on Mac?

Click on the record enable icons on each of the tracks. Until they're both blinking. Then click on the record icon in the play bar at the top of the screen.

How do you record multiple takes in GarageBand?

Recording Multiple Takes

  1. Choose GarageBand > Preferences.
  2. In General Preferences, make sure Cycle Recording is deselected. …
  3. Close the General Preferences.
  4. Turn on the metronome.
  5. Select the My Arpeggiator Bass track if it is not already selected. …
  6. Click the Record button to begin multiple-take recording.

How do you set up two mics for podcast?

So to do that all we have to do is go on the plus symbol down here. Create aggregate device and now we're going to select the two USB microphones that are there plug into our computer.

Can you overdub in GarageBand?

Overdubbing is the process of recording a performance on top of an existing performance, merging them into a single region. You can use this process to add a supplementary recorded sound to a previously recorded performance, for example.

How do you record a podcast with 2 people?

Or if you're on the go and you need something portable you can get something like the zoom. H6. All of those will record multiple xlr microphones. And record them all on their own.

What happens when you put two microphones together?

Together the one you speak into should work as a normal microphone. And the second one should work as a speaker reproducing the sound that's captured by the first mic.

How do I connect multiple microphones?

So yours may be a little bit different but you at least will have a TR USB mic one and two. If you have the ATR that is now ATR we're gonna connect that ATR and then I'm also going to connect.

Can you use two microphones one computer?

If you have multiple USB microphones (say two), you can connect them to the same computer. However, you will need to download a third-party app, Voicemeeter, to make it work. Voicemeeter is a free mixer application that allows you to connect multiple USB microphones to one PC.

Can you use multiple USB microphones at the same time?

Perfect for multi-person podcasts, game streams or YouTube videos; multi-mic setups let you capture multiple sound sources at the same time with complete control over each source. However, because your computer recognizes USB microphones as standalone devices, you can typically only use one at a time.

Can you use 2 USB microphones at once Mac?

Connecting multiple microphones to a USB hub will only allow you select one of those microphones to be the master clock, which causes a problem. So no matter how many USB mics you connect, you can only use one in your multitrack software. Bummer.

Why you shouldn’t use a USB mic?

USB Mics Have Higher Latency

USB microphones send analog soundwaves to your computer through the USB cable. Then, your computer converts these analog soundwaves to a digital format. This process can take up to a second or more, which often means that USB microphones have noticeable latency.