Real reverb vs virtual reverb?

Asked by: Marcus West

What type of reverb is best for vocals?

Room Reverb

Room reverbs are appropriate for vocals, guitars, pianos, drums — just about everything. When used in moderation, these reverbs can add space to a source while maintaining an intimate, in-person character.

What is the difference between a spring reverb and a plate reverb?

And back to an electric signal at the other side. The vibrations and the spring caused reverb like tales to be added to the audio signal giving the illusion of space.

What is digital reverb?

An artificial reverb generated by digital algorithms as opposed to electromechanical means, such as plate or spring or acoustic means, such as creating an echo chamber. Digital reverbs allow users to create programs that emulate natural or unnatural spaces, and save presets for later recall.

What are 2 types of reverbs we can use as a plugin working in a DAW?

Not really, but some dudes back in the day invented these two types.

  • HALL. A hall reverb is what comes to mind when you think of an orchestra or symphony. …
  • CHAMBER. A chamber reverb is a little smaller than the hall reverb. …
  • ROOM. Well, this pretty much tells you exactly what it is. …
  • PLATE. …

How do you get perfect reverb?

And how to get them in time now when it comes to your pre-delay. I'm going to show you what it actually is doing so that you can get a good idea and sense of what it is.

Should vocal reverb be mono or stereo?

If you want the vocals to fill out empty spaces, and to be less upfront, you should use stereo reverb such as hall reverb, studio reverb, etc. But, if you want the vocals to be more directional and upfront, you should use mono reverb such as plate reverb.

What reverb do studios use?

Chamber Reverb For this type of reverb, engineers will capture the sound by playing back the source through speakers in an acoustically designed isolated room and use one or more microphones to capture the sound. It typically has a much warmer/natural haunting sound to it then any other reverb.

Why is spring reverb better?

Spring reverbs are great for adding perceived low end to an instrument. Like we discussed earlier, lower frequencies have the power to vibrate multiple coils simultaneously, overpowering the shorter wavelengths that may only move a single coil at a time.

What is a real plate reverb?

Plate reverb is a clever way of imitating the way sound reverberates through a room. Plate reverb units are big, enclosed cases. Hanging inside of the case is a thin metal sheet, aka the “plate.” When a sound is played into a plate reverb unit, vibrations inside of the case create the illusion of reverb.

When would you use plate reverb?

As you can imagine, the sound of a metal plate physically vibrating creates a bright-sounding effect. These qualities make plate reverb a go-to option for vocals, snare drums, percussion, and other elements that need to distinguish themselves within the mix.

How can I tell if my plate is reverb?

It's a plate. It has very dense early reflections that are different from a room they're more bright and shiny they have more colored sound it's a very common sound for reverb.