REVIEW: Pylon Poets – Lucid Hallucinations EP

Every now and then an artist pops up on my radar that takes me by surprise. Pylon Poets certainly fall into that category! In Lucid Hallucinations we have a well crafted selection of 4 songs from what is clearly a very talented band displaying their versatility and talent.

It would be fair to say that there is a hint of 80’s electro pop about these guys, but don’t take that as a negative! I did say a hint! The rest is pure alternative rock!

The EP kicks off in fine style with Reverie, exploding in your ears with a wall of sound and excellent vocals and synth work from Dan Hughes, huge drum lines from Sam McIver and driving bass underlining the track from Nathan Hughes. Production values on this track are superb, as one would expect as all tracks were recorded at Momentum Studios in Plymouth, with mixing and mastering carried out by Josiah J Manning who has worked with Kris Barras Band and Jack J Hutchinson, amongst others.

Track 2, Abandon, takes you in a very different direction altogether, far more laid back and melodic. A great hook persists throughout the track that tends to stick in your held all day after hearing it just the once!

The third track is a very gentle number entitled Breathe. This is a beautifully crafted song that reminds me of another time. Powerful lyrics throughout, the track builds as it progresses and carries you along with the melody as if riding a gentle wave.

The final track, Rise and Call, returns to the more energetic sound experienced with track 1. Outstanding guitar work here and excellent harmonies, this song is certainly quite anthemic.

I can certainly see a great future for these three Devon based guys and this EP has certainly made me want to explore their earlier work. It is often difficult to judge a band purely on the basis of a 4 track EP, but the talent on display here is quite remarkable. Definitely one to check out for yourselves!

Rating 7/10

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