Pros and cons of matched vs. traditional grip for lefties?

Asked by: James Fulce

What is better traditional or matched grip?

Traditional grip or matched grip: is one better than the other? While matched grip is the standard for most drummers these days, traditional grip does have some benefits. But unless you’re playing jazz or marching snare, the benefits of trad just don’t outweigh the benefits of matched for most people.

Is there any advantage to traditional grip?

Traditional grip is useful to learn because it produces a certain sound that works great when playing drumming patterns in the rudimental/traditional style. Countless jazz drummers have used it as a means of expression when performing acoustic, improvisational music.

What is the difference between a matched stick grip and traditional?

Matched grip (also known as parallel grip) is a method of holding drum sticks and mallets to play percussion instruments. In the matched grip each hand holds its stick in the same way, whereas in the traditional grip, each hand holds the stick differently.

Which grip is best for drums?

The matched grip takes its name from the fact that both hands hold the drumsticks in the same way. This grip style works best when you hold each stick close to its midpoint, which allows the stick to bounce off the drum head or cymbal.

Are traditional grips harder?

Traditional Grip Cons: Harder to keep both of your Right and Left hand sounding the same. Slightly more difficult to learn properly as it involves less common muscles and the motion is awkward to start out with. Harder to move around and play different drums.

How long does it take to learn traditional grip?

To adapt to conventional grip, you will need 3-4 weeks to master it a lot more than that. Nowadays, this grip is not used as in the past, and as a drummer who played, matched the switch to traditional can be challenging.

Did John Bonham play traditional grip?

To explain this, let me tell you about how and why I made decisions on hand grips up until now. When I first started playing drums, my primary drumming role models were John Bonham, Neil Peart and Peter Criss. They all played Matched Grip and so I learned by imitating.

What grip did John Bonham use?

At times, Bonham appears to be thumbs up (French Grip) on his ride cymbal but keeps his palms down (German Grip) for most other strokes.

How do you master a traditional grip?

Put a deep in there and then just squeeze. Between the thumb and the rest of the hand. And make sure that the stick is in the center of the head here and this is your starting.

How do you play fast with traditional grip?

So if you've been having trouble working on your single stroke with a traditional grip. And you just kind of hit a wall take a step back and start from scratch all right this little motion right here.

How do you buzz roll with traditional grip?

In your left hand look how unfirm that focal. What's what I'm accenting there's still it there's it I have to hold it in there so this this finger.

How do you hold a tradition grip?

Hand will be holding the drumstick in an underhand with an underhand grip and the other hand will be holding the drum set with an overhand grip alright so look and listen closely.

What is French grip?

French grip is a playing position in which your left palm faces your right palm while thumbs are positioned on the stick. This grip allows drummers to perform at speeds that would be impossible with any other type of grips; it’s perfect for finger playing but not so good for wrist play.

How do you play match grip?

Natural position hand is concave with the space remaining open. And the remaining fingers after the fulcrum gently grasp the drumstick pulling it towards the palm.